Integral Leadership Council Members


  • Don Beck (US) The Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc.
  • Ron Cacioppe (Australia) Integral Development
  • Susann Cook-Greuter (Switzerland/US) Integral Institute
  • Richard Couto (US) Antioch University
  • David V. Day (Australia) University of Western Australia
  • Bill Drath (US) Center for Creative Leadership
  • Mark Edwards (Australia) University of Western Australia
  • Wessel Ganzevoort (The Netherlands) University of Amsterdam
  • Alain Gautier (France/US) Core Leadership Development
  • Charles Hampden-Turner (UK) Cambridge University
  • Nathan Harter (US) Purdue University
  • Prasad Kaipa (US/India) Saybrook Institute, Indian School of Business
  • Jim Kouzes (US) Coauthor of The Leadership Challenge; Executive Fellow at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University
  • Wendelin Küpers (Germany) University of Hagen, European Integral Academy
  • Ian Mitroff (US) Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California; University Professor, Alliant International University; Senior Investigator, Center for Catastrophic Risk Management, University of California, Berkeley; Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health, St. Louis University
  • Alfonso Montuori (US) Professor and Department Chair of the Transformative Studies Ph.D. and Transformative Leadership M.A. at California Institute of Integral Studies.
  • Barbara Mossberg (US) President Emerita, Goddard Collage; Director, Integrated Studies, California State University, Monterey Bay; Senior Scholar, James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership
  • Thierry Pauchant (Canada) Chair in Ethical Management, HEC Montreal; Consulting Faculty, Fielding Graduate University.
  • Ronald Riggio (US) Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology and Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute, Claremont McKenna College
  • Bill Torbert (US) Carroll School of Management, Boston College
  • Margaret Wheatley (US) President Emerita, The Berkana Institute

Charter of the Integral Leadership Council

The Integral Leadership Council is established to support the activities of and guide the development of the Integral Leadership Review. This will be achieved, in essence, by the Council members allowing their name to be associated with the Integral Leadership Review and providing other support from time to time as might be appropriate and feasible.

Membership of the Integral Leadership Council is by invitation only and is made by the Publisher with the advice of theManagement Review Board to individuals that it believes will enhance the Council in its activity to support the evolution of the Integral Leadership Review. Furthermore, the Integral Leadership Council will have the opportunity to play its own unique role in the development of Integral Leadership practice, theory and development.

Members of the Integral Leadership Council

  • Willingly lend their name to the Integral Leadership Review and agree to be recognized as a Council member in each issue published and on the web site.
  • Where appropriate, will act as ambassadors for the Integral Leadership Review promoting its content and help establish relationships that will support the mission and objectives of the Integral Leadership Review.
  • May participate with other Council members, the Editor of Integral Leadership Review and contributors of publications for the Integral Leadership Review and its related publications as proves to be appropriate for each individual Council member.
  • Communicate with other members of the Council and the Integral Leadership Review Management Board on matters related to both the content and direction of the Integral Leadership Review.
  • May submit papers, articles and other material for inclusion in the Integral Leadership Review and
  • May participate in any other activities that furthers the mission and objectives of the Integral Leadership Review.