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Eric Reynolds

Joan Arnott

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Joan Arnott “thinks like a planet”. She facilitates deep reflective processes for leaders that expand world views, consciousness and community. She draws on 30 years of wisdom gathered as an executive, management consultant and leader, combining global, evolutionary, spiritual and practical perspectives with her wholehearted willingness, integrity, and frontier experiences.  Joan has collaborated on practical and visionary projects with IONS, UNESCO, UN-Habitat, health care, government, crown corporations, community agencies, the forest industry, non-profits and private business.  She is known as an adept Listener.  Joan graduated in the Geo Justice Track, in a program delivered by Brian Swimme and Matthew Fox that focused on cultural, spiritual, social & ecological issues with a kosmocentric perspective (1988-1989). Since then she has integrated spiritual presence and subtle energy awareness to bring the sacred dimension fully alive in her life and work.  Joan is part of the Integral City Core Team, and was on the Integral City 2.0 Online Conference 2012 Team. Central in her life is family and community gardening in South Surrey, BC, Canada.

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