1/15 – 2. What’s It Gonna Take to Stay Awake?

Tim Merry

Tim Merry

“we wakin’” up all the time

I’m wakin’ up as I sit here and rhyme,

when i get lost in the flow of a river

feel a cold shiver

notice the clouds gather on a stormy day

feel sadness as one I love passes away

see a huge vista from a mountain top

and stop and bing!

my heart begins to sing

and I know I’m here for a reason

to ignore this inner voice is my treason

it’s like trapping the year into one season

the winter of discontent

was not meant

to last a lifetime

so I rhyme

to keep me connected to my inner voice

the place from which I can make a clear choice

to live close to my passions and serve my happiness

I confess

that’s my deepest need

to surrender and let my soul feed

cause if I am happy the world becomes a better place

cause I am the world

and the world is me


that sets me free of responsibility to anything other

that living a life I love

that fits me like a glove

set free the dove

cause we just found land

time to park the ark

and play in the sand

bring on the brass band

to celebrate the living of our greatness

then feeling of being weightless

and buoyed by the spirit

of the universe

which is my spirit

which is everyones spirit

cause nobody owns this vibe

we all coming from the same deep tribe

gotta stay connected

to the flashes of truth

before I shoot through the roof

My lifetime is at stake …

what’s it gonna take to stay awake?

to break

the consensus trance

take a stance then

dance the circle dance

with life and death

we linked to the earth by our body and breath

every 7 years our cells completely renewed

don’t be confused

we all a part of the

great unfolding

great moulding

Of the universe

we are the one

the rising of the sun

already begun

I’m refusin’

the illusion

sold to me on my TV

in school

who they tryin’ fool?

I ain’t buyin’ in no more

I only shop store of core

Where you can buy the best

of human potential


by universal principles of power

you can get

the weapons of the warrior for the fight

compassion and insight

plant the stake

set it alight

let the beacons burn from one mountain top to the other

the great soul is rising

the collective intelligence, the mother

bullshitters, duck for cover

make way

here comes the time of the mighty lover!”

About the Author

Tim Merry

Tim Merry of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia is a change leader who works locally and internationally to support change in communities, organizations and society. Participatory engagement, strategic clarity & collaborative action are the core of his practice. They work in direct response to the reality of the world we live in.

Tim designs, delivers and trains processes that are tailor made to meet the needs of all the people involved. “The complexity of the challenges we face, the speed of change and the uncertainty of our times demand we see a bigger picture that none of us could see alone. We must work together to intelligently plan and effectively execute actions that have far reaching impact.” //

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