1/15 – 4. Build the Arks (King Kong Song)

Tim Merry

Tim Merry

I just read about the coming of the ice age

Earth’s rage

The mighty mother, the sage,

 Turning another page

Of evolution

A natural solution

The vibration

Of creation

Melting ice caps into the gulf stream flows

The European heating system blows

Beyond repair

My mother, father, sister, brother live there

Stop, bear witness, take a long good stare

Digest our reality and start to care

The planet is movin’ on

We all be livin’ in the final swan song

The future’s comin’ on strong

Like King Kong

We all be the hapless maiden

Looking in his big brown eyes

Beginning to realise

It’s all beyond our control

Bigger than we’ll ever be


Fuck the swan song,

This is the King Kong song

We ain’t got no choice but to go along.

No more prizes for predicting the rain

The pain

New starts

Time to build the arks


What’s my contribution

At this crazy time?

Am I gonna whine


About the pain?

The fact we all seem to be going insane?


Trust in surprise

Integrity has no compromise

Release all ties

Open the eyes.

Our survival seems hit and miss

Like the world is taking the piss

A final good night kiss

All this material wealth

The illusion of bliss

It’s a big mis –stake

Time to rake

The fallen leaves

Autumn choices

Winter bereaves

Not everyone will make it

We can’t fake it

There’s no hiding

From this colliding

With the end of an era

It’s never been clearer

Some will get left behind

Linger in our minds

Their remains to find

In millions of years

As we learn again our evolution

From homo-confusion


No more prizes for predicting the rain

The pain

New starts

Time to build the arks


Gather now at our community centres

With friends and mentors
And Elders
We all be the welders
Of fragmentation
On the edges of the new creation
The builders of the New Space Station
Right here in the arms of the mother
Where the heroes gather undercover
Sensing the future with sonar sound
The builders of boats abound

Readying for the coming storms

Trainers of the warriors who break the norms

Yield to the field

Drop the shield

What are the skills we need to survive?

To be one of ones alive

Who looks back


“holy shit how did we survive that?”

What does it take to make the warrior caste

To see our king kong future comin’ on fast

Then look back and know it as the past?

This ain’t about seekin’ thrills

We need to know the survival skills

Get into training

I’m not exaggerating

I wish I was

This is real,



It’s time to get clear.

There’s no more prizes for predicting the rain

The pain

New starts

It’s time to build the arks

About the Author

Tim Merry

Tim Merry of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia is a change leader who works locally and internationally to support change in communities, organizations and society. Participatory engagement, strategic clarity & collaborative action are the core of his practice. They work in direct response to the reality of the world we live in.

Tim designs, delivers and trains processes that are tailor made to meet the needs of all the people involved. “The complexity of the challenges we face, the speed of change and the uncertainty of our times demand we see a bigger picture that none of us could see alone. We must work together to intelligently plan and effectively execute actions that have far reaching impact.” //

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