1/15 – 3. Thank You

Tim Merry

Tim Merry

I feel that our divisions point to our unity

The pieces that we uniquely

Most search for in our lives

Are our path

Each of us seeking that which will heal us

Bring us back into wholeness

And that is different for everyone

Under the moon and the sun

That is why it has so many names

Labels and claims

In so many cultures and to so many people

The particular thirst we have for fulfillment is unique to every person

The journey unique to every person

Perhaps the most personal thing there is

So personal

And universal

What unites us all

Is that hunger for fulfillment

And the life quest to find it

Not be blind to it

That’s why marketing is such a billion dollar industry

It assuages that thirst momentarily

Never satisfactorily

Never deeply

It never quenches it

So we move on to the next hit

Restless in our search for fulfillment

Somehow never quite taking a full cup which would give rest

It becomes a mess

Everyone searching for the truth

We have become confused – whose truth is the truth?

Whose language is the correct one?

Right and wrong has crept in …

And in the search for truth so pure at the beginnin’

Untruth has taken a hold

Truth has become bought and sold

Sought out in the antiquities of old

Or in future predictions

My conviction

Is that neither of those is real

Neither past or future can we feel

Life is not a debate

We are stuck in the now

There nowhere else to go

So we might as well get comfortable and go with the flow

We are made to feel

To feel

Is real

We are made to feel




Life is happening

Now, now, now, now, now, now, now. now, now, now, now, now, now …

Why question it

When we could rest in it

We wear inner peace and fulfillment well

It brings out the colour of our eyes – the only visible living cells

The windows to our souls

This Life

This bridge

Between the finite

And the infinite

Which is in me

This Life

In all

This life

A gift

To heal the rift

The living paradox

Which is wholeness

We are blessed

By every breath

By every breath

We are blessed

All we need to do

Is say thank you

Thank you

And live

From that gratitude

About the Author

Tim Merry

Tim Merry of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia is a change leader who works locally and internationally to support change in communities, organizations and society. Participatory engagement, strategic clarity & collaborative action are the core of his practice. They work in direct response to the reality of the world we live in.

Tim designs, delivers and trains processes that are tailor made to meet the needs of all the people involved. “The complexity of the challenges we face, the speed of change and the uncertainty of our times demand we see a bigger picture that none of us could see alone. We must work together to intelligently plan and effectively execute actions that have far reaching impact.” //

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