June Volume 19, Number 1, 2019

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Edward Kelly According to this model of adult development, less than 10% of our leaders have the developmental capacity to match the complexity of the issues they face, and that…


Otto Laske While resurgent interest in the writings of the Frankfurt School, especially Adorno, is over-focused on the ideological content of his writings, a much more relevant aspect of Adorno’s…


Brian McConnell This segment of Notes from the Field reflects the shared experience of a small band of reflective practitioners originating in Roanoke, Virginia and interfacing with each other as…


Ray Gehani Many prominent leaders and major media have almost unanimously acknowledged Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869 – 1948) as one of the 20th Century’s greatest leaders for humankind (Time, 1999). …


Cristina Alcalde, M. Gabriela Alcalde and Gonzalo Alcalde             It’s 2019 and racial equity is increasingly put forth as a promising framework for understanding and…


Blake Poland A Mindful Society (amindfulsociety.org) is an annual forum for those interested and/or active in taking mindfulness practice ‘off the cushion’ and into all sectors of society. In addition…

Book Reviews

06/29 – Leading Beyond the Ego

Annabel Beerel John Knights, President of the U.K based leadership development and coaching organization, LeaderShape Global, along with several members of his team, advocate a new leadership approach for the…


Don Dulchinos Integral thinkers Don Beck and Ken Wilber have both cited Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere as a model or metaphor for the Turquoise stage of human development.  Teilhard…


Barbara Nussbaum This book has already been singled out by its academic publisher, Routledge, nominating it for the best nonfiction book in 2018. But for me the compelling reason for…


This interview was taken by Eugene Pustoshkin, Integral Leadership Review’s Bureau Chief / Associate Editor for Russia, on May 13, 2019, in St. Petersburg, Russia, Eugene:   Hello Michael, welcome to…

Leadership Coaching Tips

06/29 – Going Slow to Go Fast

Jody Jones Often when we want to make a change, it is because a pattern of behavior, beliefs and confirmation bias has become entrenched and isn’t working for us any…


06/29 – June 2019 Cover

The photo was taken on May 13th, 2019 at the Palace Square in St. Petersburg, Russia. (From Eugene Pustoshkin’s photo archive.)

Notes from the Field

06/29 – Spectrum of Leadership Gifts – A Personal Perspective

Ryan Nakade & Devon Almond The ways of the world evolve as we evolve. Our lenses of life shift as we shift. Each way of the world has its place,…


Ian Roth It is self-evident that the most useful education is one that facilitates learning-how-to-learn.  While the reasons for past failures to provide such an education are undoubtedly multivariate, among…