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Eugene Pustoshkin

Eugene Pustoshkin

Eugene Pustoshkin is the Integral Leadership Review’s Associate Editor and Bureau Chief for Russia. Living now mainly in St. Petersburg, Russia, he considers himself to be a world citizen.

Eugene is an integral psychologist, translator, and integral scholar-practitioner. He currently serves as the Chief Editor of Eros & Kosmos (see:, the Russian Integral online magazine he co-founded with Victor Shiryaev and Gleb Kalinin and a team of collaborators.

Eugene graduated as specialist in clinical psychology from St. Petersburg University, and now maintains private practice, offering counseling in Integral psychotherapy and mentoring in Integral Theory.

He translated several of Ken Wilber’s books to Russian (such as A Theory of EverythingA Brief History of Everything, The Integral VisionIntegral SpiritualityEye to Eye, and The Fourth Turning). He also translated Marilyn Hamilton’s book Integral City, Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche’s book Influence of Yogacara on Mahamudra, and excerpts from Wilber’s Transformations of Consciousness as well as his Excerpt A and numerous articles.

He was the co-editor of the Russian editions of such books as Daniel Siegel’s Mindful Brain, Ken Wilber’s Boomeritis, and Terry Patten, Ken Wilber et al.’s Integral Life Practice. He’s also the co-editor of the Russian edition of Wilber’s Sex, Ecology, Spirituality (in progress).

Since 2014, Eugene has been organizing and co-facilitating (together with Helsinki-based therapist Sergey Kupriyanov, PhD in Medicine) Holoscendence workshops in Russia and other countries. The aim of the Holoscendence educational program is to master skills of pragmatic application of the paradigms of multidimensional communication and states & structures of consciousness dynamics towards everyday life, psychotherapy, business communication, cross-cultural dialogue, and sociocultural transformations.

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Eugene Pustoshkin is a major representative and promoter of Integral Meta-Theory in Russia. He has a superb understanding of this radically new approach, and he has worked endlessly to get it accepted and spread in Russia (and elsewhere). He has particularly helped by translating many of my works into Russian, and has done a brilliant job with this task. I’m deeply grateful to the work he has done to help promote and spread Integral Meta-Theory, and I can certainly recommend highly any projects that he is associated with.

— Ken Wilber, philosopher, founder of Integral Theory and Practice, author of A Brief History of Everything, Integral Spirituality, The Integral Vision, and Sex, Ecology, Spirituality (and numerous other books)