4/22 – In Honor of Earth Day

Eric Reynolds

I am pleased to present to you the first release of our April-June 2017 Issue of ILR. We are releasing this issue today, April 22nd, in honor of Earth Day. The human condition, by definition, engenders conflict. Conflict between the inside and out, between self and other, in groups, between tribes and nations, across generations, and in the infinite unique ways in which each of us makes meaning out of the world. This issue is dedicated to finding mutually beneficial ways of bridging that conflict.

All three of our featured authors address this in various ways. Otto Laske offers a three part introduction to his Dialectical Thought Form Framework. Together they comprise A New Approach to Dialog: Teaching the Dialectical Thought Form Framework. Meanwhile, Sue McGregor explores the Challenges of Transdisciplinary Collaboration: A Conceptual Literature Review and Gerard Bruitzman brings in a stage perspective to present An Integrative Vision: Worldcentric Guardians Using Integrative Dynamics in Our Current Crises.

In Fresh Perspectives, Lauren Tenney and Diane Musho Hamilton of Ten Directions converse about the complexities of emotional intelligence as they explore the concept of emotional maturity. Lauren joins Rob McNamara in the Leadership Coaching Tip, reminding us not to make make vertical growth our biggest completion project.

New in this issue, Jeannie Carlisle debuts the Integral Publishers Bookshelf, a section of mini book interviews with authors from Integral Publishers. Here she discusses the upcoming Integral City Inquiry & Action: Designing Impact for the Human Hive with Marilyn Hamilton.

Our two authors for Notes from the Field, Galina Svirina and Aleksandr Drobiazko, contribute essays resulting from a co-joint creative project organized by Involve Spirit, LLC and Integral Space, LLC.

Additionally, our Emerging Scholar, Todd Hatley offers A Critical Review of Pre-Engagement Organizational Consulting Diagnosis Methods.

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