Bureau Chief—Sib-Sahara Africa

Russ Volckmann

Yene Assegid

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Yene Assegid

For the past twenty years, Yene worked in human development programs mainly for the Sub-Sahara African region. She aims to transform lives, empower communities living at extreme poverty levels to become economically independent. Yene brings years of experience especially in the field of HIV/AIDS programs and Transformative Leadership Capacity Development. In the past, she worked mainly for organizations such as UNDP, GTZ (German Technical Cooperation), MSF (Medecins Sans Frontiere–Doctors without Borders), PACT-International and several African governments.

She is the founder of everyONE, of two non-for profit organizations 1) working with over 4000 children, elderly and physically handicapped youth and 2) Integral Africa,, a non-profit with the aim to support and facilitate the emergence of the next generation African leaders. Currently her focus is her doctoral dissertation on African Leadership and the launching of Integral Africa.

Yene has temporarily relocated to Beijing, China, with her husband, but continues to travel to Africa and is proud to be part of the global team of ILR.