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Jonathan Reams, PhD

Jonathan Reams

I am currently an associate professor in the Department of Education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. I teach organizational counseling, coaching and leadership, and am pursuing research in the areas of leadership, dialogue and counseling. I also serve as Editor-in Chief of Integral Review.

My background began in agriculture, eventually turned to trucking, and has more recently focused on consulting. Between farming and consulting, I returned to university after a twelve year break, while also raising a family, running a trucking business, and building a log house. I’ve also been involved in various volunteer community activities in the fields of education, economic development and civic leadership. A passion for understanding human nature has guided much of my experience, and eventually led to a doctorate in Leadership Studies, with my dissertation on The Consciousness of Transpersonal Leadership.

My consulting work has focused on developing leadership capacities for a wide range of clients. This has included developing and delivering curriculum, consulting, coaching, facilitation, research, writing, and teaching. In addition to this work, I have presented at a number of international conferences on topics ranging from consciousness and identity to transformative learning, to spirituality on campus.