9/24 – Leading Comments: Mid-Volume Release

Mark McCaslin

Welcome to the mid-release of the August – November 2014 Volume of the Integral Leadership Review. We would also wish to welcome Benyamin Lichtenstein, PhD, University of Massachusetts, as our Associate Editor for Complexity. Expect to learn more about Ben in upcoming releases. New in this release you will find:

Fresh Perspective

Nancy Southern and Transformative Learning

Russ Volckmann

Feature Articles

Building Authentic Leadership by Innovating How You Lead

Maureen Metcalf

Integral Foundations for a New Politics

Bruce Schuman

Sustainable Cultures, Sustainable Planet: A Values System Perspective on Constructive Dialogue and Cooperative Action

Don Beck

Book Reviews

Barbara Kellerman. Hard Times: Leadership in America

Russ Volckmann

Notes from the Field

Bay Area Integral Presents: Bence Ganti: Integral Flow Therapy

Bill McCart

Emergence and Leadership – A Report from the Academy of Management Conference

Benyamin Lichtenstein

Learner Papers

An Integral Theory Analysis of Complexity Leadership

Jim Best

I believe you find this release to be full of wonderful thoughts and ideas sure to generate discussion. This release complements the earlier release and setting the stage for our final release for 2014 in November. If you have ideas for articles, book reviews, coaching tips, or news to share concerning integral leadership please let us know and we will help you share yours ideas and thoughts with this community of learning.

Safe Journeys

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