4/29 – John Bunzi, Global Domestic Politics

David C. Wigglesworth

Bunzi, John M. GLOBAL DOMESTIC POLITICS: A Citizen’s Guide to Running a Diverse Planet. London: International Simultaneous Policy Organisation,  2013 113pp.


David Wigglesworth

David Wigglesworth

This is a serious book about the problems of our world and the utilization of domestic politics to make running it more effective. The author, the founder of SIMPOL, the international simultaneous policy organization, proffers an answer to these problems through binding global governance that doesn’t force nations to surrender their sovereignty. Thus, SIMPOL is a world centric proposal that is a viable, practical, strategy citizens around the world can use … to establish a healthy, appropriate, and essentially democratic form of binding global governance.

SIMPOL recognizes that there are different value sets around the world. However opposed these sets may appear, it suggests that we are all on the same journey that can be called the evolution of consciousness. The author employs the Spiral Dynamics model to depict the diverse stratification of alternate societies.

We find a discussion of the negative factors and that include what he calls destructive international competition and provides the way overcoming this competition by not relying on structures and institutions. Rather, he says, it depends on agreement and simultaneous action against a backdrop of worsening circumstances in which the common interest to cooperate starts to become in each competitor’s self-interest.

In the concluding chapter, he examines the methods used in the UK to put the plan into practice.

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