1/20 – Special Issue: Sub-Sahara Africa


Here are a few morsels to whet your appetite for more information about if an how adult development, integral, complexity and other perspectives are being used to understand leadership in this widely diverse region of the world. Our first installment includes an interview with Don Beck about his recent trip to South Africa. We hope to follow this up in three or four weeks with an interview with Graham Linscott, South African journalist and co-author with Don Beck of The Crucible.

Yene Assegid and Oliver Ngodo have been guest editors for this issue. Each is an Associate Editor and Bureau Chief for Sub-Sahara Africa. Oliver is in Nigeria and Yene, originally from Ethiopia, is currently living in Beijing with her children and diplomat husband. Each has provided an article for this issue. Each is connected with a network of people involved in development and who are interested in integral/developmental approaches.

There is no way that we can capture the complexity of social systems and leadership in Africa in one issue of ILR. Both the triumphs and the painful crises of people and nations on this subcontinent are well known. As in other parts of the world, the people are living with and struggling against the continuing vestiges of colonialism and the ruthless exploitation of crony capitalism. We can only scratch the surface. However, we hope that we will have more attention, not only to Africa, but also to other regions of the world that have been under represented in ILR.

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