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Dorothea Zimmer

Dorothea Zimmer

Dorothea Zimmer

After finishing her studies of psychology at Freie Universität Berlin as Dipl.Psychologist, Dorothea worked as Assistant Teacher at the Freie Universität Berlin, where she started her doctoral dissertation about the cohesion of Consciousness and Life Conditions. She then worked as Clinical Psychologist in some hospitals. Leaving these realms, which she both considered as sterile and inhuman, she thought “we first have to change the world, before we can do something useful in a job”. So she focused for some years on politics, leading for more than 6 years a 400 persons radical left party in Berlin. Yet, not satisfied with this approach to change the world, she gave up active political engagement and started to write and travel through the world as a successful science journalist and for some years as medical journalist at the German daily medical newspaper Ärzte-Zeitung. This newspaper was getting more and more dependent on the pharmaceutical industry, so Dorothea left again a quite well paid job, to co-create as free-lancer in the teams of three successful magazines of complimentary medicine with in some years nearly 100.000 readers. She has written twelve books.

In 1996, Dorothea decided to return to her roots as a psychologist. With Dr. Leland Johnson, the co-founder of the Integral Institute of Ken Wilber and scholar of Muktananda, Fritz Perls, Alan Watts and others, she spent 7 years of learning and practicing Integral Psychology, Yoga, Gestalt-therapy and Body-consciousness as well as co-creating Leland’s Integral Institute in Bavaria as a member of the leading team. There she met Don Beck in 2001, became very good friend with him,  started as a certified teacher of Spiral Dynamics integral in 2004, co-founded the Center for Human Emergence – Germany, Austria, Switzerland with her colleague Claudine Villemot-Kienzle in 2008, and is co-leading the Center since then with her.

Working for some years as a Coach, Consultant and Trainer, as well as leading seminars with various themes, Dorothea continued practicing meditation and spiritual disciplines as well as energy medicine healing techniques – which she did for more than 20 years with different teachers .

In the last two years, Dorothea took a break from her professional activity and identity, starting to explore in depth again, the wisdom of spiritual traditions and practices as well as scientific breakthroughs of the last years. She learned for nearly a whole year in two courses of Dr. Jean Houston about  the best of her amazing and deep wisdom that she shares in her Mystery School and her system of Social Artistry. Dorothea also was engaged in seminars like Feminine Power and Soul Signature. She continues exploring and engaging in leading edge techniques such as The Intention Experiment of Lynne McTaggert, Global Coherence Building and Oneness-Facilitation.

Having been  reduced for years with strange physical and emotional/spiritual symptoms that no physician could label, she has recovered, renewed and now recreates her life with joy and engagement.

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