08/29 – Into the Collective Heart – On the Road to Super-Coherence

Anne-marie Voorhoeve and Diana Claire Douglas

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, with contributions from Diana Claire Douglas

Diana Claire Douglas

In this article Anne-Marie Voorhoeve shares the development of THC-The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence as a Second Tier organization, how it develops Meshwork practices, how it is using Action Research for its own development and applying outcomes and learnings for challenges. Action Research is understood to be a systemic inquiry into problems and challenges in order to better understand their complex dynamics and develop real world applications and break through solutions. The THC team applies its research to all scales, from the personal to the collective.

THC’s Story: Responding to the call for a Second Tier organisation

It was a strong call that Dr. Don Beck, Prof Ervin Laszlo and Herman Wijffels made to around 900 Dutch Cultural Creatives to serve the momentous leap by standing tall and leading the way in applying common human values to deal with the issues that involve the whole of humanity. This event named Klaar om te Wenden?! (Ready about!?) in 2006 was organised by the newly emerging CHE-Center of Human Emergence Netherlands that aimed to be a highly creative and intuitive organisation, applying Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi) and the Integral Model, as we practiced inventing while organizing. Our intention was to help find solutions for the world by pioneering them in this country, which has made it to the green level of the spiral and was in turmoil.

Event Klaar om te Wenden?!

with Don Beck’s call to the Dutch, with Anne-Marie Voorhoeve



In Beck’s concept of MeshWORKS1 and the Dutch government’s policy for achieving the Millennium Development Goals gave the impulse to start THC-The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. We articulated THC’s Purpose as: weaving together the strength and purpose of diverse stakeholders into powerful collaborative structures and systems of influence that help provide breakthroughs that contribute towards a new worldview and the flourishing of all Life.

As one of the core initiators of CHE NL, I have had the opportunity to fulfill many roles (like lead of Klaar om te Wenden!?, strategic connector in CHE Alignment Circle, co-founder of CHE’s consultancy firm Synnervate and THC, Meshworker, social and energetic architect, facilitator). Our collaboration and continuous effort to sense into the future with wonderful and wise partners and friends, have offered great learnings and evolutionary leadership capacities.

I am grateful for that and for my fellow travelers. THC partly builds on CHE’s journey, and that of the Integral City community of practice Diana Claire Douglas and I are part of. In this article we share THC’s story of development from 2008 till now, offering insights, learning and questions we have as inspiration.

Intermezzo – transition time in 2018

Since its start THC has evolved and gone through many phases. At the time of this writing (July 2018) and 10 years later, the way we organise ourselves doesn’t seem to serve us best anymore. We are in a deep phase of inquiry. Although the organisation is coherent on an intuitive energetic level, there is a need to manifest itself more clearly and visibly in the material and relational world. We are experiencing that many of the projects in which we have a long-time investment are coming into in a phase of manifestation and realisation. There is also more overlap, synchronicity and serendipity arising. How do we build our organisation at this new stage so that it is in service of our purpose and mission and it is regenerative?  How can we develop ourselves in a way that serves the whole and the parts? During this inquiry and transition time, we are using the methodology of ECOintention, facilitated by two experienced certified practitioner coaches. This method brings healthy energy and flow into ecosystems and organizations.  It combines modern science with ancient wisdom in a practical method. The effect is visible and measurable. The result is to increase vitality and health in ecosystems. (I am also a certified ECOintention practitioner.) 2

For the coming months our journey continues in the not knowing and we trust the practices we have developed over time will serve each of us and the organisation to find our rightful places in serving the Whole.

The start in 2008: Exploring emerging Yellow

In 2008 THC was strategically set up as a Second Tier, ‘Yellow’ organisation within CHE NL and supported by CHE’s development and experience with Holacracy® 3 as its operating system. You can find information on CHE’s organisational development (articles and links) at the end of this article. Peter Merry and I were the main players in THC, with other CHE-ers stepping in when they felt called to join. Morel Fourman of Gaiasoft4 was and is an important partner. THC’s name (Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence) shows how it serves different value systems. SDi and the emerging praxis of Meshworking are at its core, and we offer co-designing, facilitating, collaborating, co- creating with multiple stakeholders to work on complex issues across many sectors of society.

Essence of Yellow value system

Practicing to transcend Green

In the references at the end of the article are links to essays on Meshworking, case studies (for example Parliamentarians take Action!? 2008 in The Hague, NL4) and practical information.

I herewith describe Meshwork processes we developed with YES Youth Entrepeneurship Sustainability, as it is a good example of how projects have impacted the further development of our body of knowledge and practice, and which Morel has brought to another level in Gaiasoft’s work with business, governments, and civil society, for example with DFID of the government of the United Kingdom, in different African countries, with Cities Alliance, and with support of the Worldbank in Kenya.5

Stages of Collaboration

Design Dimensions of a Meshwork

 Co-creating Meshwork Wall MDG5 & platform, Parliamentarians Take Action! 

Meshworking with YES Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

In the Summer 2010 Morel and I were invited to participate at the Tallberg Forum, Sweden for the 5th YES Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Summit, which brought together 1,700 delegates from over 120 countries to share progress and experience from hundreds of projects in which youth are involved.

YES Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Campaign 2002-2012

Before the event started we trained 55 YES leaders from around the world on best practices, stakeholder engagement and strategy implementation to build a strong and coherent network that can self-govern itself, through a facilitated Meshwork process with an online Meshwork tool. Through this process they identified their leading questions and needs, which also served as preparation to connect more focussed during the conference.

Since its launch in 2002, the YES Campaign had validated the concept that young people, if given access to the right resources, can effectively craft their own advancement opportunities. This represents a simple, radical and empowering approach to development, which builds the capacity of the young generation to meet current challenges faced by countries, governments and global institutions. Globally YES was supporting this process through YES leaders in each country.

The Meshwork process has been developed by THC and Gaiasoft through close collaboration since 2006. The process we used with YES can be implemented in half a day or over several days. Important element in our strategy is that leaders are both using the process to collaborate, and learning a new tool for coalition building and collaborative governance.

7-Step Meshwork process



Quick summary of the YES Meshwork process

The Meshwork process6 was facilitated in a restaurant (fitting the youth leaders), rapidly reconfigured into large tables with flip-chart paper for shared writing, worksheets and pens for group work. A3 sheets of paper were printed in advance; one to represent the unified purpose of YES and one to represent each of the 7 project Areas of YES. Wall paintings were removed, and the 8 sheets were posted on the restaurant wall. Morel and I led the group through the process, supported by Gaiasoft and a small group of Art of Hosting facilitators (some now in THC team).

YES Success Map

The YES Success Map was built by the participants. The facilitated Meshwork process identifies a common purpose and develops a framework ‐ this Success Map showing the conditions that young leaders need to create jobs in their country. The Success Map is then used to map people, projects, groups and resources – so everyone can see where they fit (in this case in Energy, Water, Land, Cities, People, Finance, Gender). The framework is also used for assessing needs and to produce a scorecard for priority setting and collaborative governance.    

                                                                                                  YES leaders used the meshwork process to address critical barriers to effectiveness and scale, with questions like:

⁻          How can we share and learn from our experience in over 80 countries?

⁻          How can successful projects, models and ideas be replicated and scaled?

⁻          How can we build global and in‐country coalitions?

⁻          How can we access the funds for youth projects in each country and globally?

Some of YES’ partners observed our training and the meshwork process, including the ILO and Commonwealth Secretariat Youth Program. One of the observations that was shared was that a useful summary and a workable framework that could have taken months to compile, was now developed in 5 hours intensive group work by 55 YES Leaders themselves.

After the initial training, YES leaders and stakeholders in youth employment met informally in the “Meshwork Space” throughout the YES Summit where we facilitated conversations. Numerous opportunities were identified to improve the flow of collaboration in countries and globally for youth employment and the idea of a global Coalition for Youth Employment was developed.

Next steps YES Global Meshworking at the Library of Alexandria

Morel and I continued to support the YES Global board on strategy development after the YES Summit and in February 2011 I was invited as social architect and facilitator for the Strategic Meeting at the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, with YES Global team members and 13 selected YES youth leaders. The  week was supported by the Library of Alexandria, the Clinton Global Initiative, THC, Gaiasoft and a credit card company.

Our purpose for this week with the carefully selected YES leaders (mainly from Africa) was to build  their capacity (through the THC Conscious Leadership Development Workshop) and training of  communications, harvesting best practices to scale and develop communications materials such as written up Journeys of YES Leaders, video interviews, case studies of YES Leader projects, YesTED type videos. YES Global leadership team was at the same time working on its strategy for YES after the campaign would end in 2012. In support of this, we started mapping out prototypes of Youth Enterprise Generators in YES Network countries.

And as we were there just three weeks after the Egyptian revolution, we decided to support the YES Egypt team in these challenging times with a special focussed meshwork event. I continued to coach some of the country leaders in the years after.

This 2011 strategy meeting in Alexandria contributed to the transition of YES Globally into YouthTrade, formally decided in the USA in June 2011 and launched in May 2012 in partnership with

YES evolves into YouthTrade

Whole Foods Market North Atlantic Region and the Conscious Capitalism Institute (that took over our consulting role in the USA and Global strategy development). The YouthTrade model consists of three inter-linked stakeholders: YouthTrade Certified Entrepreneurs, Retailers and Corporations and Conscious Consumers. In 2017 YouthTrade had certified over 50 young entrepreneurs with special placements at Whole Foods Market and Nordstrom and six trade shops across USA.

Delivery system for cities and governments – FCI knowledge platform (published with permission of Gaiasoft) 



Supporting Healthy Blue

The experience of YES further supported the Meshwork development in THC and in Gaiasoft. Apart from designing and facilitating Meshwork trajectories, part of my journey brought me to focus THC’s R&D on energetic architecture and evolving and strengthening our intuitive Meshweaving capacities. I have written more about that in the rest of this article. Gaiasoft has focussed on how to support the development of (as I call it) healthy heart based Blue in often complex and challenging systems, in a way that capacity building can be done on a massive scale with implementers learning on the job, thus creating more opportunities for youth to work. Gaiasoft offers templates, software products and Meshwork capabilities to develop a shared framework for knowledge sharing, learning and action, that builds trust and effective collaboration between public, private and civil society stakeholders. In the Image is a Delivery System as one of the examples of strategy, processes and tools.

These processes and the software support civil society groups to develop coherence and alignment for greater impact, and help the public sector to understand and focus the resources of government. Giving voice to youth, women and minority groups, supporting them to get their act together and be taken seriously. This in turn, really strengthens the voice of civil society to be an influence in communities and cities. It builds democratic fabric in alignment with the local life conditions7.

Morel with his organisation Gaiasoft was nominated Meshworker of the Year Award 2016 by Integral City Meshworks Inc. Marilyn Hamilton: “A Meshworker of the Year demonstrates the meshworking intelligence as defined on the website. Meshworking intelligence creates a “meshwork” by weaving together the best of two operating systems — one that self-organizes, and one that replicates hierarchical structures. The resulting meshwork creates and aligns complex responsive structures and systems that flex and flow. Candidates for the Meshworkers of the Year Award invest dollars, time, effort and expertise at a level of complexity that serves a whole city or cities.8

Exploring Emerging Turquoise

In the autumn of 2010 many people in CHE NL and THC articulated a need to stop and sense into what they were being called to do at that time. This gave us the impulse to begin our research of the Turquoise value system. “Following on from an intense engagement with issues surrounding sustainability and climate change, we had been asking ourselves what would really make a difference and when do we feel energised? We felt that our approaches, although worthy and innovative, were simply not adequate to the life conditions that we were encountering. Countering complexity with complexity wasn’t working, we needed greater simplicity, energy and clarity. That led us to a collective feeling that we should “consciously and structurally take that need seriously and organize ourselves to look into what we were sensing.” (Merry 2013) 9

SDi theory describes Turquoise: “You can recognize Turquoise by an integrative approach and perception of body, mind and soul. Turquoise takes into account the energetic and the invisible dimensions of life in our daily live and work. Turquoise is cosmos-driven and views us as a small part of a bigger web and the mystery of life. It always serves the whole and/or the cosmos and can easily translate this to life on earth in the here-and-now.” 10

Essence Turquoise value system 

Going with the flow towards a Turquoise-informed organisation

By the end of 2013 a next phase for the organisations arose, as Peter Merry stepped back to focus on Ubiquity University. CHE-NL and THC became more separate as entities. I decided to set up an independent charitable foundation for THC and was supported by CHE. This next phase of THC held the intention to continue with SDi as an important roadmap, to focus on Meshworking and on the exploration of the potential of the Turquoise meme.

THC Team composition

For its purpose and as THC founder of the foundation, over the years I carefully selected a small number of social architects in the Netherlands, Mexico, Egypt, Canada, who are all aligned with the holistic worldview in which all is interconnected and interdependent, with a deep curiosity to manifest unity consciousness and familiar with SDi. There is an ever-emerging dynamic balance between being and becoming that is sought for. The team members have an inherent longing to practice living in service of emergence and are tuned into energetic, spiritual, cognitive, emotional, physical aspects of life and work. We believe that to solve complex global issues, a coordinated collective action, that is attuned to the laws of nature is needed. We look for synergy between all forms and forces of life and want to easily work together with the many dimensions of reality, although we only partly succeed. We constantly aim to develop ourselves to trust on our natural wisdom and to deeply listen, integrating instincts, intuition and cognition. Our own governance and collaboration practices are not so much regulated by rules and contracts, but primarily based on trust, attunement, life principles, self-organising capacities and Art of Hosting collaboration with a commitment to constantly learn and co-create together.

What all this will lead to and exactly looks like, is part of our inquiry. We are impacted personally, as a team and as our organisation develops. We have gained insights through a process of development. For this to work, THC core team members have a practice of surrender, acceptance of the dark and the light, connection, compassion, joy and love of the mystery of life. As a community of practice, we are learning to tap into the Universal intelligence that is creative by nature and infinitely expanding, fractal and holonic. We know that our journey along the paths of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up, is a never-ending quest that we walk together and alone.

We look for a rebalancing of Yin and Yang. For YIN feminine leadership to flourish, new governance systems are necessary and emerging in and as group processes. Part of that inquiry is to fully integrate qualities of feminine intelligence—available to men as to women—that can enable us to shift our consciousness and achieve tangible long-lasting results through awareness, compassion, inclusion, interconnectedness, listening with intent. We aim to suspend usual habits of reaction and judgment—and failing regularly—to listen to the words that are said, and to the space between, to consciousness itself, and by doing so, get insights which are far beyond the rational mind.

As we naturally look for the next step to evolve, we embrace change as a means to grow and transform, in a constant evolutionary flow. We follow our principle of ‘Experience self before offering to others.’ The insights we gain we share with partners, and they serve us in our collaboration and outreach in the world through strategic connecting and coalescing authority, power and influence (CAPI, Adizes)11. THC team members are part of influential networks in different sectors in their regions, countries and globally. They contribute to the development of (new) ecosystems locally and globally. The present portfolio is the sum of all the capabilities, projects and qualities of individual contributors and organisations. The complexity of our work often requires different capacities and partnerships, offering the opportunity to collaborate with other teams in projects and programs, share our questions and learnings where relevant, and bring back to THC new insights, thus creating feedback loops to improve our performance and capacities.

Expanding our toolkit

Developing different tools and ways of working that can support us to be able to deeply listen is part of our Action Research. For example, we have been using Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) within our core team for team building, choice-making and more. After practicing it ourselves and seeing its benefits, it is now an essential part of THC’s offerings. SCW is a philosophy, a body of teachings based on living system principles, and an experiential and embodied process where human beings are the tool for accessing information and intelligence from the Akashic Field or as the SCW community calls it, the Knowing Field12. Through SCW we are able to shift perspectives, see the big picture, and notice the hidden dynamics/patterns within the system while allowing the natural health within an aligned system to emerge. We align ourselves and practise embodying the living system principles of belonging, rank and balance. That gives us the opportunity to co-create on many different dimensions. Our THC facilitator of SCW is Diana Claire Douglas, and she has an expansive facilitation practice working with individuals, groups and organizations at both personal and collective levels. At the collective level (community, city, global, and planetary) the societal issues include social justice, climate change, humanity’s rightful place, and indigenous-settler relationships. She calls the work Constellating for the Collective. As team members we are developing ourselves as experienced and trustworthy representatives – an important role in SCW.

We use SCW for multiple purposes and as our team members live in many different places, we have also developed the practice of doing it online (with Zoom).  In the image are examples of how we use SCW.

THC SCW applications


In THC’s meshwork processes, we have used SCW to inquire into blockages to taking important next steps that once seen and acknowledged through the process, create breakthroughs in our perspectives and our choices. For example, for the Global Co-operative Forum 13 THC facilitated an inquiry, using SCW, into the possible governance structures and strategy development for the GCF. We used the structure of the Wheel of Co-Creation of Barbara Marx Hubbard  (WOCC)14 to explore what role yin and yang money15 would play and how that would influence the different sectors in society and the interaction amongst the sectors. The insights from this SCW are still being used in informing choices we make about where to put our attention and energy.

Wheel of Co-Creation of Barbara Marx Hubbard

Constellating in the Wheel of Co-creation and Money

Through our partnership with Integral City Meshworks we have, over several years, had the unique opportunity to develop SCW as a foundational form of Inquiry Methodology into the complexity of the human system at city scale. “Systemic Constellation Work offers an energetically empowering technology that embraces the non-linear, ambiguous invisible complexity of the Knowing Field for all those in service to the evolution of the city and the Planet of Cities.” (Hamilton 2017, p 11)16

Applied Action Research

As said, THC has been using Action Research for its own development and applying outcomes and learnings to global challenges. Action Research is understood to be a systemic inquiry into problems and challenges to better understand their complex dynamics and develop real world applications and breakthrough solutions. We apply this research to all scales, from the personal to the collective. In the following paragraphs we share examples of our Action Research as applied to some of the ‘hot’ present day collective issues.

Collective Issue – The Conscious Witness and moving beyond the VTRRS pattern

In 2015 the scandals and issues described in the media, that had to do with the victim-tyrant-rescuer-rebel-survivor pattern in society, seemed to grow exponentially. At THC we decided to go into a deeper inquiry and develop an Action Research project “Finding a Home for the Victim and Tyrant: A Spiral Journey Exploring the Abuse of Power.” Our intention was to explore what was needed for the Victim-Tyrant to move into the Collective Heart.

VTRRS: The “drama triangle” of Victim-Tyrant (perpetrator)-Rescuer is well known. We feel a more complete model of this pattern in human consciousness includes the Rebel and the Survivor.17 In this work SDi is also used for meaning making, and I work a lot with the insightful model offered by Lisette Schuitemaker. She offers an easy five-step way to turn around the five basic patterns (of psychiatrist William Reich) of our negative thoughts about ourselves that hold us back, “In the order in which we jump to them, the five basic childhood conclusions are that we don’t belong, are not good enough, should keep our creativity hidden, should be in control and be perfect.” Find more (including a test) on her website and in her book The Childhood Conclusions Fix. 18

At the Integral European Conference IEC2016 in Hungary, Diana Claire and I offered a workshop on “Finding a Home for the Victim and Tyrant,” using SCW as the method of inquiry. During this workshop we did the first experiment of testing the impact on the field of different kinds of witnesses (witnesses who deny, freeze, flee, fight, observe neutrally, and see-beyond- the-pattern) in conflictual situations. It was here that we experienced how much impact the witness-who-sees-beyond-the- pattern has on the field. We felt that the door had opened to something very important.

We have since named this witness “The Conscious Witness.” I continued part of the research through practicing embodying the Conscious Witness by exploring questions like: What does it mean to be a Conscious Witness? How do I show up, behave, hold space, be present as a Conscious Witness when I am facilitating? Can I perform at all levels of the spiral? etc. Diana Claire has been conducting a phenomenological research project in Canada together with constellator colleague Rosalba Stocco, to explore the impact of different kinds of witnesses on local and global events. We have each done multiple tests using different themes and have had consistent results that the witness-who-sees-beyond-the-pattern shifts the social field towards healing. This has given us important insights in all quadrants—on a personal, team and collective level.

Poster presentation of the Conscious Witness at IEC2018


Our research with the Conscious Witness continues. The Conscious Witness was very present IEC2018: as a Poster presentation, a power point presentation, workshop and during the Big Community Constellation. Here the THC team of 5 were the Conscious Witnesses holding space for the exploration of the theme: “Restoring Peace in Europe.”

The power of the Heart is tremendous, as is the Conscious Witness. It amazes me again and again. The teachings of Jude Currivan of connecting to the Universal Heart I received in 2011 are worthwhile and pragmatic. Since we started this Action Research, it has become one of my daily practices to develop mastery of the Conscious Witness. In my life and work I am in service of finding new ways and of hospicing the old, making way for emergence in co- creating our future. Imagine the impact of presencing the Conscious Witness at crucial meetings of our world leaders, to shift from operating in their own world, disconnected from the many, to being supported to step out of the dynamics of the victim-tyrant-rebel-rescuer-survivor (VTRRS) and find their own hearts. In so many places those VTRRS dynamics are captivating people, where they are driven by fear, holding onto what seems to be known, old patterns that definitely don’t serve us anymore. We are looking forward to continuing to explore how we can collectively let go of the VTRRS dynamic, see the impact of the Conscious Witness in the Field, and come into the Universal Heart. Then the VTRRS patterns can transform into the positive patterns of CCCTT: creator-challenger-coach-transformer-thriver,20 that are highly valuable in society.

VTRRS patterns transforming into CCCTT

Collective issue – Decolonisation; coming into right relationships

An important domain to contribute to on a global scale is the coming into right relationship with each other as people and nations. One step in this process is to go through a process of decolonisation. We have been listening to messages from Indigenous Elders from around the world who are reminding us that as a step in decolonizing ourselves in the West we need to find our own indigenous roots, re-connect with Mother Earth and all Life, and learn how to be conscious witnesses for each other so that we know who we truly are, why we are here and where we are going. For each of us finding our own indigenous roots means honouring our heritages. As THC is spread around different continents, this gives us the opportunity to share how we each have our own heritage and history to look into, as a start to contribute to this collective healing journey.

In Canada, THC team member Diana Claire has started on this journey by participating with several circles of Settlers asking ourselves, how do I/those of us, or our ancestors, who come from afar (often from European countries)—colonizers, adventurers, settlers, refugees—decolonize ourselves so that we can become allies for each other?  We are continuing to unwind the ways we have unconsciously held the western colonial mindset21 which includes at its foundation the victim-tyrant-rescuer-rebel-survivor pattern.

In Europe, THC is active in many initiatives that are looking for ways to contribute to the transformation of this continent, through strategic connecting and active participation. For example CHE, Co-Creating Europe Forum, Project Europe Energetics, WholeWorld-view community, Clubs of Budapest in different European countries, Integral City Meshworks in Europe, Living Cities, Global Domes Copenhagen, actively participating in the Integral European Conference (IEC) from the start in 2014-2016-2018 22.

At IEC2018 at the end of the Big Community Constellation with the theme “Restoring Peace in Europe”13 what arose in the Field was the need to see, acknowledge, honour and care for Africa; and also the need to care for the force of Colonialism. Interesting to see this in the context of healing our past to enable a healthy future. At THC we see that decolonising ourselves is an important future next step.

Planetary Consciousness and Supercoherence

Planetary Consciousness is the knowing as well as the feeling of the vital interdependence and essential oneness of humankind, and the conscious adoption of the ethics and the ethos that this entails. This is explained in the “Manifesto on the Spirit of Planetary Consciousness” 24 composed by Professor Ervin Laszlo with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in 1996 , that is at the heart of The Club of Budapest (COB).25 COB is a network around the world in which there are also some active SDi practitioners and Integral leaders. As part of fulfilling THC’s Purpose and with THC team members, I steward the COB International Network’s Project Office to evolve COB from a Think-Tank into an Action-Tank, that invites people to embrace Planetary Consciousness. This requires Second Tier design and implementation. This includes applying SCW and ECOintention practices to inform and align myself to come into coherence with what is serving the parts and the whole of this complex organisation-community-network.

Part of my strategy has been to join the initiators of NetSpirit in Argentina in its global outreach. NetSpirit’s invitation is to co create and develop a Global Transmedia Plan around the WholeWorld-view26, sharing the convergence of science and spirituality as inspiration for Planetary Consciousness. Ervin Laszlo is NetSpirit’s first ambassador and his invitation to other leaders is to join this important endeavor. Together with the Club of Budapest International Network, the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, the WholeWorld-view, THC and those who feel part of this Field of Intention of Oneness in Motion, the Plan will manifest and continuously evolve. We also encourage the development of so called Syntony Centers / Centers of Supercoherence27. These centers will invite and improve ecosystems (including humanity) toward syntony and supercoherence – interconnecting and vitalising at all scales to amplify life energy that is generative.  

Invitation NETSPIRIT to co create Transmedia strategy & Megaprojects

Into the heart, on we spiral

At a deeper level, we as humanity—men and women alike—are part of the evolutionary force. We need to find our deep sense of belonging, a deep sense of being a positive part of the evolution of the world. We can restore this divine spark in the human spirit and bring forth our innate love, compassion, wisdom, and joy to live a flourishing life. That is the momentous leap we are making.

How to make this available for all and expand and reach out to the majority of humanity to contribute to the breakthrough Ervin Laszlo and other evolutionary leaders are speaking about, is a major challenge and a wonderful opportunity. The rational gives the hand to the intuitive. Science begins to discover a new way of interpreting reality, ratifying what the traditions of wisdom have always said: that we are part of an interconnected and meaningful universe, in which ALL is much more than the sum of the parts. The creativity and potential that is needed and that is inherently here, is endless. There are no boundaries but to be life affirming, generative for all on Earth and beyond, based in love and respect, contributing to supercoherence and expressed with wonder, joy.

It is this, this I wish to serve. Into the heart, on we spiral…

Invitation to Readers: THC invites others to join our Action Research projects. Those interested in this kind of research, or any other part of our work, please contact us at


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Systemic Constellation Work

Douglas, Diana Claire,

Douglas, Diana Claire, & Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, (Jan 2015). “Constellating Money Within the Wheel of Co-creation: The Villa Report.” The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence.(Available by request).

Douglas, Diana Claire has written about Systemic Constellation Work in a series of articles based on interviews on Constellating for the Collective, published from 2013 to 2018 in The Knowing Field International Journal

She has co-authored with Marilyn Hamilton,  Chapter 1: “Activate Inquiry for Knowing Cities” and Chapter 2: “Cultivate We-Space Inquiry for Human Hive Mind” in Marilyn Hamilton and collaborators, (2017) Integral City: Inquiry and Action: Designing Impact for the Human Hive, Integral Publishers.

She has co-authored with Marilyn Hamilton et al, “We-space, Integral City and the Knowing Field, ” in ed: Michael Brabant and Olen Gunnlaugson, (2016), Cohering the Integral We Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in Groups, Integral Publishing House.

Ubiquity University

Wheel of Co-Creation

Hubbard, Barbara, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution,

Hubbard, Barbara Marx and colleagues,  “The Wheel of Co-creation,” July 2014,

Case studies of how THC has developed processes with  Barbara Marx Hubbard and the WOCC:


  1. MeshWORKS and Meshworks: When CHE-NL started to develop a practice we agreed with Don Beck to honour his use of MeshWORKS (capitals) and we would refer to our work as Meshworks.
  2. Center for ECOintention; ECOintention Practioners
  3. Holacracy Self management practice for organisations, Holacracy empowers people to make meaningful decisions in pursuit of ones organisation’s purpose

  1. “Introducing Meshworking (MDG5)” from Peter Merry and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve at Parliamentarians take Action?!  December 2008, with special guest HRH Queen Maxima ;
  2. Fourman, Morel and Gaiasoft,

  2. Merry, Peter,
  4. CAPI Coalescing Authority, Power and Influence, Adizes
  5. Diana Claire Douglas, lead constellator for THC,
  6. Global Co-operative Forum, Villa Unspunnen, Switzerland, July 2014.
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  8. At the Global Co-operative Forum, Bernard Lietaer introduced us to money described as Yin and Yang money. He has many books on the subject. See Lietaer, Bernard, The Future of Money
  9. Hamilton, Marilyn, (2017), Integral City Inquiry & Action, Designing Impact for the Human Hive. Tucson, AZ: Integral Publishers, p11.
  10. Drama Triangle and VTRRS: The Drama Triangle includes the Victim-Tyrant-R From her experiences working in counselling and spiritual development, Diana Claire has added the Rebel and the Survivor.
  11. Schuitemaker, Lisette, The Childhood Conclusions FixTurning Negative Self-Talk Around

How to turn around the five patterns that dominate our self-talk, to feel present, enough, creative, loving and exactly who you ought to be. It also provides deeper understanding of our own reactions and those of others.

  1. Currivan, Jude, The 8th Chakra – What it is and how it can transform your life. Hay House, London UK 2006
  2. Information for this transformation of the V-T-R comes from Gay and Katie Hendricks, The Hendricks In their model, Victim becomes Creator, Tyrant becomes Challenger, Rescuer becomes Coach. Diana Claire has added Rebel becomes Transformer and Survivor becomes Thriver.
  3. Western Colonial Mindset: is one of separation – mind from body, spirit from matter, people from the land. We are separate from our indigenous roots. And when separate we believe in dominance/submission, superior/inferior.

See also: Stam, Gertjan van, The Age of Super-Colonialism and an African Big Five. p277-345 in Reflections. A Narrative on Displacement of Technology and Meaning in an African Place. PhD Thesis Tilburg University 2017.

  1. Overview of networks in which THC members are active
  2. IEC2018, Big Community Constellation, May 25, 2018. Four hundred participants exploring the theme “Restoring Peace in Europe” through the constellation work process.
  3. Laszlo, Ervin and the Dalai Lama, “Manifesto on the Spirit of Planetary Consciousness,”

  1. Ervin Laszlo called together the Club of Budapest in 1996; and set up the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research
  2. WholeWorld-view with founders Jude Currivan and Gil Agnew. Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is member of the core team and facilitator of WWV.
  3. NetSpirit Syntony Centers and Centers of SuperCoherence. THC is serving the development of an evolving network of centers where like-minded people meet and share, explore, practice and be in syntony and coherence.

Supercoherence is coherence both within the complex open systems that populate the biosphere, and between the systems. In a condition of supercoherence all elements of the system are sensitive and responsive to all its other elements (intrinsic coherence), and the coherent system is sensitive and responsive to the systems that constitute its life-supporting environment (extrinsic coherence).

About The Authors

Dr. Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is a strategic connector, social architect, innovative co-creator, who focuses on integral transformation of society into a sustainable world. She has extensive international experience, and as strategist, mentor-coach, and expert in multi-stakeholder processes  (Meshworks) she enjoys facilitating alignment and synergy within and between communities, businesses, networks, and organisations with a higher purpose and vision.

Social alchemist, certified ECOintention Practioner, SDi and SQ21 spiritual intelligence coach. She is founder of THC-The Hague Center for Global Governance Innovation and Emergence and serves as chief creative director for the Club of Budapest International Network, core team member of Integral City Meshworks, NetSpirit, WholeWorld-View community, Co-Creating Europe Forum. She is one of the initiators of the CHE NL-Center for Human Emergence Netherlands (with Holacracy as operating system), and CHE’s global network since 2005, which has served her praxis of evolutionary consciousness. She is recipient of the Luxembourg Peace Prize 2017. Anne-Marie lives with her husband Maarten in The Netherlands and they have two daughters.

THC-The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence

Diana Claire Douglas is a systemic facilitator (family, organizational, and collective/societal), social architect, artist, writer, and explorer of the depths. On international core teams of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence (THC), and Integral City, she co-authored chapters in two books: Integral City: Inquiry & Action, and Cohering the Integral We Space. She feels very grateful to have been on the planning/facilitation team for the Big Community Constellation at IEC2018.  She is happy to be participating in the emergence of Constellating for the Collective.

THC-The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence: Knowing Field Designs

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