8/31 – Hilary Bradbury

Hilary Bradbury

I find myself caught up by the horrible surprise of Russ’ passing. And even surprised by my surprise. For I did not know Russ that well, except toward the end of his work-life. Russ was our publisher with Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry, Integral Publishers, 2016.  Indeed it was the wonderful personal connection that my co-author, Bill Torbert had with Russ that allowed its publication.  

And so it happened that Russ and I worked to complete the final manuscript together. Each of us more persnickety than the other about typo’s. I am proud to say I introduced Russ to zoom! But it was his spirit that remains with me from our calls.  

He liked the book – thank you Russ! That was not a given as it’s a rather nuanced and demanding book about relationships between women and men, one that could make especially older men – older white men – older white protestant men – uncomfortable.  Not that political correctness is the intention of the book, but still, the erotic shadow is a difficult one to acknowledge for those with erotic privilege.  A category that – I pointed out to Russ, included him. It was somehow obvious that this needed to be pointed out!

And as we talked  – well beyond typos’ –  I found him fabulously open minded, engaged even in a little inquiry together about this big topic. We laughed together too at the madness of the man/woman dance – oh and we argued about the cover (which portrays a woman leading a tango!). So despite hardly knowing Russ at all, I feel he left us too soon.  And I am grateful to have met him, grateful for his generous attention to a difficult book and topic.  

Thank you Russ. May you rest/transition in peace.

Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D.

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