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Anatoly Balyaev

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Anatoly Balyaev

Anatoly Balyaev

My inner child has been asking to speak about one of his favorite themes for a long time. This time I won’t stop him from doing it. Many years ago, there were lots of amazing sci-fi stories in my young life, and I’ve grown up absorbing their significant vision of future with all of my mind and soul. Now, I—together with my inner child who was on my every seminar and lecture about Spiral Dynamics and the Integral Approach—want to share with you The Biggest View on the future of humanity that we have developed together. We want to try to define the evolution of the whole humankind for the nearest billion years ahead. This is quite ambitious but theoretically correct in some way, as you will see. The justification of our prognosis and prognosis itself are described in this article.



In the beginning, we have to set up a new vision, a new way of thinking about the development of humanity. Some well-known psychological schools have built their metaphors for describing human inner reality using physics, biological or other science-based models. Freud described the structure of psyche using the mechanical metaphor: “When libido increased, mortido decreased.” When modern quantum gurus tell us about their mighty hallucinations they seriously attempt to explain the spiritual reality with “look-like-science” models. Because of that, they often indulge in wishful thinking. Something like that is unavoidable in all of our explanations—we need mental interpretations to create our maps of reality, we have to look for understanding of the inner world through the symbols of the external world. Trying to describe subjective human space, we have to use metaphors. We are doing it even when we think that our language is accurate and scientific.

However, the practical outcome of our theoretical applications definitely depends on the quality of our metaphors. Clare Graves, in his creation of the Emergent Cyclic Levels of Existence Theory, was inspired by the discovery of DNA. It is time for us to take a closer look at String Theory. I’ll be honest and frank with you—I do not have enough abilities to comprehend such advanced mathematical methods and declare a consummate understanding of this incredibly complex theory. I don’t want to say, however, that I am not into the subject at all. Here is a more correct statement: I am inspired by string theory as a metaphor. I do not need to say something like “quantum physicists have suddenly proven the existence of God.” No. I think that God is in permanent hilarious delight because of the fact that His own existence is still perceived as something that needs to be proven by quantum physics.

So, I want to suggest a new—musical—metaphor for the elements of the Integral Theory. And I’d like to invite you to play in Integral Theory by Ken Wilber as in The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse!

Imagine that the human worldview is created by the sound of some internal strings of the human soul. Imagine that our values are arising from the music of those strings. As it seems, using the string metaphor instead of stages relieves some contradictions in the systematic description of human beauty and the evolution of complexity. When the actual Spiral Dynamics texts use the metaphor of levels and stages it feels like linear, orange achievement overtones. It looks like a necessary step-by-step movement on a kind of ladder for more energy and capacity. “We’re going higher! Higher! Higher!” For me, it sounds like music from the orange string. In some way, the instrument of only one vMeme describes the entire framework. At this level of metaphor we’re losing the diversity and uniqueness of human behavior, we’re losing nonlinear simultaneous influence of several worldviews, we’re losing the beauty of their complementary interactions. You can talk about the colored spectrum, but as you’ll see below, the musical metaphor is much richer and more similar to the human inner world.

Instead of thinking about people according to Spiral Dynamics stages context I’m offering you to  try and see people through the prism of colored strings. Here is a vision of our soul music’s healthy evolution: each next string vibration appears as a reward for masterful performance of the chord played on all the previously available strings. Sometimes a new degree of freedom appears from resonance with the sound of surrounding social care and support of relatives. Sometimes our thinner strings get forgotten or even snapped by the reason of cruel life conditions. We have to learn how to follow the symphony of evolution by performing the melodies of our lives through skillfully playing all of our available strings and using all of the possibilities of the accomplished stages. Any single string and the chord of several strings can produce the healthy and pleasant melody or can produce unhealthy, disharmonious sounds. Cooperation between men and women is possible when our small orchestras are able to play in unison, when a kind of resonance emerges between the vibrations of our colored strings. We call this common sound “understanding.” Otherwise, there is a cacophony, which appears because of no access to consonance. Mastering each new string gives us a strong feeling of happiness. If you are looking for happiness for yourself, you are possibly trying to be acquainted with a new string of your soul.

Our human educational task is not about teaching all members of society to produce solemn marches and hymns that are played in unison. This is the point of view of a person that has not mastered more than the four initial strings. The human educational task is not about becoming a singleton virtuoso, famous maestro, a popular musician. This is the point of view from a proud holder of the new fifth string. It is not even the task of submitting a free ability to follow the unique way of musical instrument mastering for every child. Enthusiastic fans of the sixth-string music often hope for that, but it is not enough. Our present-day world needs people, who have quality access to every string of their souls.  The 1st is health; the 2nd is understanding of others; the 3rd is being free and strong; the 4th is being decent and honest; the 5th is to be successful and effective; the 6th is to be caring and sincere; the 7th is to be unbound and fearless; and 8th is to be a citizen of the world.

Let’s look at Ken Wilber’s four perspectives of perception (four quadrants) as a musical metaphor. In Integral Theory, we call four ever-present dimensions of reality quadrants. Quadrants are necessarily present in every phenomenon that we deal with. They appear because of unavoidable distinctions between the subjective (“I”-quadrant, personal inner space, personal worldview), the intersubjective (“WE”-quadrant, culture, kin relations), objective (“IT”-quadrant, science, material reality) and the interobjective (“ITS”-quadrant, economy, politics, system relations).

A very beautiful application of the Integral Framework appears from the standpoint of our musical metaphor. Such a thing as music is just not possible without any part of those four perspectives. First, there must be a composer, musicians and listeners with a deep aesthetic need to bring something beautiful in the world, so music itself can appear. They are finding and expressing themselves in music. This is the “I”-quadrant. Second, the melody we play must fit with commonly shared social forms and traditions; it must be in connection with the culture and must form the culture itself. Third, there must be instruments to play with or vocal cords at least. You must have some musician skills and an ear for music to make the sounds physically possible. You have to play in a good quality. This is the “IT”-quadrant. Fourth, music will end very quickly, if the composer, the musicians and the listener are not connected in a social, economic or even political context. This is not necessary, but musical literacy can really improve the quality of the performance and how any composition is perceived. We’re talking about the notes and the theory of music. This is “ITS”-quadrant. With this example, you can see that there is no phenomenon in human life (business, family, government, education etc.) which is possible in stable and steady way without clear manifestation in each quadrant.

Let us look at our multiple intelligences through this musical metaphor. In Integral Theory, we use the idea of lines of development—cognitive, moral, emotional, interpersonal, aesthetic, psychosexual, spiritual, and some other developmental lines. There are different tools and skills for each quadrant—interior skills in the Left-Hand quadrants and exterior tools in the Right-Hand ones. Your body, emotions, intellect, aesthetic feeling and so on—all of this is given to you for mastering. You can distinguish a Master by his or her ability to use these instruments wisely and play some very nice music using his whole being.

A significant role in Integral Theory belongs to understanding personality typologies. We can explain it in musical metaphor like there  are styles, genres, which are very different by sounding, by performance and by feeling. But there are many fans for each style and there is an important place for each genre in human culture. You won’t put in the same folder the files with Vivaldi, Duke Ellington and Rammstein. Different styles sound like different types of people: they have their own unique values, their own relationships with the reality, their own genesis and development. Variations of the same genre might me played by different instruments of different inner complexity, they can be played by an orchestra or solo, in variant culture traditions with diverse volumes of mastership, with diverse depth of empathy. You have to sort out in styles and genres of music to live in this Enormous Symphony, to love its melodies and have a great pleasure from it.

When we talk about states, then we are talking about the depth of personality. Men and women always have access to a gross way of interaction with the world when only the flat, material side of life is real. However, there is a possibility to establish a relation with life in a subtler way, as artists and composers do when they create their amazing works. They are creating their art through deeply personal, subjective perception. They can say about their unusual and extraordinary results: “That’s the way I see and hear the world!” And one can always have the opportunity to receive all the gifts that come from experiences of meditative practice, which allows you to appreciate the essential core that exists within you. Then you can dance in the world of subtlest melodies and see how everyone is recognized in everything, losing any difference between the composer, the musician and the listener within this amazing, beautiful, at once old and young music that we call the Universe.

 Fractal similarity

We’re going towards my vision of distant mankind’s future. Strings, as a basic, general metaphor, will be very useful for us, but you can track the development of our story through the frame “I/We/It/Its”. You will also be able to notice echoes of types, conditions and stages later. It has long been known that deployment of beauty and sophistication of human systems is fractal. Moreover, this process is fractal in all possible ways. Likeness is everywhere: big phases are similar to the small ones, steps of fetal development replicate biological evolution, formation of an individual mind is virtually identical to formation of communities and society. The levels of the economy depend on culture, personal values, perfection of tools and production means. Everything is connected, twisted. Really.

Balyaev 2

Here are the examples of several options for naming the milestones of the different lines of development by different researchers:

  • archaic, magic, mythic, rational, pluralistic, integral – laps of the worldviews by Gebser;
  • beige, purple, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, turquoise, coral is the ladder of values in spiral dynamics;
  • symbiotic, impulsive, defensive, conformist, conscientious, individualistic, Autonomous, construct-aware, ego-conscious, transpersonal – steps of personal evolution  by Loevinger and Cook-Greuter;
  • undifferentiated, magical, mythic-literal, conventional, individual-reflective, unifying, universal -the universal stages of faith by Fowler.

There are a number of studies. According to the observations by Ken Wilber, different investigators often describe features of, on first look, different degrees of personal development with a remarkably similar language. The parallels between the languages of description have been identified by Wilber and collected in tables in the book Integral Psychology. Thus, it is possible to a certain degree of generalization to argue that the stage of development of the various human forms of existence also has a fractal similarity.

So, let`s speak about spiral dynamics using the metaphor of strings. The beige string is the string of survival, body and basic instincts. The second, violet string is responsible for understanding and the creation of rituals, collective myth.  Red is a color of unrestricted freedom, personal happiness, which comes next.  The blue string gives rise to honor, dignity informed by compliance with the law and maintaining order. The fifth, orange string, ensures the rationality of thinking outside of dogma and rigid attitudes. Green, the sixth string, forms the principles of tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

You should pay attention to the interrelatedness among the strings before I start to speak about the yellow string, which starts a new cycle of stages. Each string participates in the generation of each other. The sameness of stage structure, the likeness to ourselves despite the differences identified by their researchers, is truly amazing. This is the essence of analogy with the Balyaev 3fractal. Use  the orange string as an example. Part of the personality that contains concepts about traditions, law and order perceive critical thinking as a threat in the beginning. Traditional thinking tries to survive, rejecting rational doubt. Then it adapts, applying new thinking and adjusting too.

In the future, reason will be conquering a vast territory, provoking revolutionary transformations. The consolidation phase, awareness of the positions and formalization of terms, precedes the bloom.  The peak of critical thinking is “orange in orange” – systems thinking, breakthroughs in technology, discoveries and inventions. This phase ends with the fading in the background of deliberately respectful discussions, and narcissistic self-adoration, which is so characteristic of the green string. Decay reason and crash, if the person is weak; or preparing a person to the emergence of more complex thinking which will go through its fine points of formation, growth and decay.

The Second String Order

Now we come back to stages of the so-called the second order. Founder of the theory of spiral dynamics Clare William Graves uses the principle of fractal similarity again in the bigger scale. Graves says that the second cycle of the Spiral in some parts replicates the first at a higher level of complexity and beauty. The Yellow string, due to masterly performing Life Music on all six previous strings, is the new variant of the survival strategies. Indeed, when the personality is overcoming early thinking, it loses ground: predating guidelines, values, confidence are already disappearing. The Yellow string is to teach us to accept natural chaos instead of the attempts to limit this huge creative power synthetically.

The Turquoise string resembles the violet. She gives to us new forms of unity of thinking with Nature. She encourages neat experiments on the global level and striving for the cultivation of new senses in the way of Natural Design, of natural forms without gaps in “global melody”.

Balyaev 4We only have guesses about the effect of the Coral string.  Unfortunately, this string does not sound in a modern social life. Fortunately, my inner child (I introduced him in the beginning of the article) can hunt and play in this mystery area. We can predict some features of the coral strings, armed with a fractal principle. This frame of thinking is named “world for me”, a new form of red string, perhaps, cosmocentric consciousness replaced consciousness that focused on the world. We are self-centered at the beige and red stages (I am the State by Louis XIV of France), ethnocentric thinking is born out of a purple and blue set on “We — the Soviet people!”, monocentric thinking begins with orange, growing to green, overriding state boundaries and thus impeding trade, the dissemination of knowledge and the care of the General welfare. On the Turquoise string may begin to form the cosmocentric one consciousness, consciously receiving the humanity of each person as the personification of the result of 14 billion years of the Universe, evolution of life and the evolution of thinking.

So,the Coral string, like Red, can radically transform the life of humanity, having passed to active actions to ensure informed assistance of the at this stage deeply understood personal interest to facilitate the deployment of the evolution of consciousness. One of the obvious problems of modern civilization is the lack of ideology of growing up. If we more or less know what to do with children, there is at least some certainty that adult development has no defined orientation. Maybe Coral will be able to insist on the establishment of a lifelong educational process based on receiving tribute to the development of a comprehensive and integrated continuing, to be filled with a map of the architecture of human consciousness. The human form of social interaction, live in the city, will become life-giving environments for celebration and even more complex forms of self-realization. The society will be not only environmentally friendly, but sensible, quickly able to bring their new members to a very high stage of development by creating complex social institutions. Man, growing up and gaining new degrees of freedom, will move expeditiously from one of the conditions of life to others that will contribute to the growth of the beauty and complexity of his thinking.

The danger of this process is obvious — all the experiences of humanity, by speeding up the development of the individual and society, ended tragically. And the last thing I would like to see in a nightmare — this is a quote from Ken Wilber on the gates of the concentration camp that burn “useless evolutionary material” in their furnaces. But keep in mind that we are not talking about thinking of the first order — the coral has passed through the experience of compassion, he is wise and patient, to his mystic perception unity is not even a peak experience, but the hourly apparent. This is a very deep, compassionate, and active form of human thinking, capable of conducting significant differences, to respect and to build a harmonious hierarchy, to be guided and to BE holistic worldview. Which has no primary prejudice against avoiding and and all problems, difficulties, pain, conflict.  Green’s spineless illusion that everyone needs “to do good” is not good for evolution, it leads to an idle life of whole generations of citizens, parasites in a blissful state social policy not able to play anything more complicated than higher Red-Blue consumer chords. Evolution creates strong, bold, bright solutions when new meanings are born in the conditions of life that require strength, courage and creative thinking. Coral is able to start to create the conditions under which life will not seem to us honey, but it does not require human sacrifice.

Musica Incognita

Now, the Coral string sang the glory of the evolution of consciousness and formed a society with new forms challenging the social games in which people from birth to death permanently learn to be more and more beautiful. What’s next? The color Blue for the second round has not yet been formally invented. Let’s call it Double Blue. A string of this color will enhance a new evolutionary order and erect it in the form of a new law of life. I don’t know if you noticed, but in this world things work, right? Pain and suffering force us to be stronger in body and spirit. The love for another makes us closer and wiser as a natural form of self-transcendence — now “I” is “we,” and it provides a General holistic view of the law of transcendence and inclusion. The upbringing of the child inevitably provides us a powerful form of psychotherapy in which we are revisiting his life, first with children and then with grandchildren. Reaching maturity and coming into old age, we, having a rich life experience, seek not to destroy so the carefully erected building of their actual merits of this young and unknown tribe of young men who would continually question what we invested over the years. We are conservatives, providing young fresh minds from the first glance, impassable difficulties, which, however, contribute to the evolution. These difficulties give rise to unusual and unexpected mutations in the space of new meanings, as new germs of mental life compelled to make their way through us, asphalt laid on the beaten track.

This multi-dimensional correctness of the natural course of life is able to triumph throughout the world to the accompaniment of the Double-Blue string. It will correct possible distortions of Coral experiments and create a powerful but completely organic movement inside, inevitable for all newly arrived people in this world dual of samsara — from pain to joy, from problems to solutions, from slavery to freedom. Deliverance from the bondage of duality, the so-called enlightenment, which is often brought up on the modern flag of green spirituality, sometimes, if not often, brings in our day together not only happiness but also devastation, since a delay is imposed on the self, brilliantly bright and unable to play on the first six strings of the soul.

Our psychedelic experiments, or exploded inside the cunning mind bomb, or a successful current page of a book by Victor Pelevin may not only create for you today sustainable access, fortunate presence in this endless moment, but permanently  exclude you from any evolutionary process, making your life more like a Botanical garden with a careless owner, which need do nothing and everything happens by itself. With a helmet on his head and a blissful smile, the modern enlightened gathers the flowers, calling himself the life and refusing to be involved in life. Their ego, contrary to the assurances of the funeral, continues to live, being essentially a form of social and material manifestation of the spirit. This is a weak ego escaped from the prison of samsara, an air snake pieced together from colored marks but written off by the evolutionary process for more uselessness. This, however, makes everyone happy.

Really, incredibly meaningful experience of nondual experience can turn a person’s life. In peak experience, he or she touches the eco-friendly nature of the world, leaving the self-centered to monocentrism and even thinking it is the cosmocentric one; man knows himself in God and God in ourselves, it’s adorable and perfect. I hope the Double-Blue string will be able to build in the forms of natural spirituality in which each person, spirit of the sacrament, will have the honor to return to the world, and will live in a dual imperfect world, giving people the heat of his soul and helping people to removed their ego from the pedestal only when it will be strong enough and skillful. It’s hard for me to imagine a form of life. It is unlikely that this will be like a new religion, but I’m sure that by the time the music will start to sound confident and strong, the Spirit in us will cease to walk with religious crutches, i.e. clinging to rigid ways of honoring its presence, but can feel confidently and freely in any manifestation of its being, including traditional.

Writer Victor Pelevin in his book about vampires (Empire V) draws the metaphor of meditative practices as a vampire hanging upside down in a special room. In this room, however, is a built-in alarm clock that can Wake the awakened consciousness of being in the timeless infinity of bliss, and return it to the active presence in the world. This alarm may be our Double-Orange string. Perhaps one of the reasons why we do not hear now the voices of ancient civilizations from distant stars, it is a manifestation of an unhealthy form of  strings which can transform the civilization into vegetable crops of enlightened nerds who spend all their time on transcendental meditation, passionately sitting in the unity of Form and Emptiness, instead of every day to be as active unity. Such a dead-end branch of evolution can permanently lock the desire of the spirit to the knowledge of the Universe in all its amazing manifestations, i.e. to block the expansion of civilization beyond the home planet. The Double-Orange string will be able to lead us to new horizons of understanding of reality, destroying another blissful satisfaction of the Double-Blue string.

Maybe this new music will sound to us like the development and colonization of the planets of the Solar system. Maybe this will finally be the unified field theory that is able to give access to the exploration and the use of incredibly powerful forms of energy. Maybe this will be the analysis of natural biological mutations of the human species and the accurate promotion of positive forms of these mutations on the genetic level. At this stage it is highly likely the appearance of new, unknown to us now dangerous challenges that always arise together with gain power. Orange modern thinking cannot cope with them. The Double-Orange string certainly has more chances. It is that form of thinking, in contrast to the first the Orange, may be available not just modeling the behavior of the stupid, linear, algoritmical Siri, but the creation of this thinking in artificial intelligence, the power which can threaten the survival of humanity, if not our ability to give himself a more subtle and powerful music.

The Double-Green string will give us the realization of the dream of the Commonwealth of inhabited worlds, which for hundreds of years can get a unique and controversial form. And need will all unite, to reconcile, to find new spiritual form of unity space phase of human development, to extinguish the newly established based on inconceivable grounds of environmental issues. The Double-Green string may be able to comprehend new mysteries of consciousness itself, allowing artificial intelligence to find natural reverent creative soul. Equal rights for men and cyborgs – that arena of political life, which is able to show great depth of music created by the first chord of the twelve strings of the human soul. A hard-fought victory in this struggle will create the conditions for the emergence of a new, incredibly powerful civilization, respectful of the host people as their ancestors and predecessors, and able to make a new “quantum leap” to new the deployment phase of the evolution of the spirit.

It is important to understand that we’re not talking about that flat and even, I would say, the vulgar notion of transhumanism, hallucinations whose adherents do not go for orange primary desire to equip the foolish man a new body and new tools for faster decision, linear environmentally unfriendly solutions. In order to realize the difference of the ideas of this text from the ideas of transhumanism it is important to understand that the people about whom I write here, is arranged so difficult that they were not ready to take seriously the priority of form over content in an age, which today we call childhood. They repeatedly left and returned to repeatedly stunning with its infinity and depth of the sources of the spirit. They are serious and light, they are planned and spontaneous, they consciously play in the Creation as Creators.

The sad scenario

All the described events could take tens of thousands of years. I do not believe that foolish modern man is capable of such feats. We are too ego- and ethno-centric. A monocentric position is today no single state, not to mention the cosmocentric one. So, honestly, I don’t think that civilization as we know it today will cope with the challenges in their path and will learn progressively and move through the stages of development. In the entire history of human development, we have learned to quickly and accurately build a Red-Blue order. Modern Orange is too selfish, he does not see the really big picture for hisseemingly global interests. Modern green not strong enough, she lives in a world of illusions, wishful thinking, it is, in my subjective opinion, has sufficient experience to overcome the current challenges at the same time the exponential growth of communication technologies and the occurrence of archaic Blue-Red-Purple radical religious groups. It is possible that this civilization will collapse, plunging beneath, but not fully erasing the achievements of science and culture. Therefore, it was already not once or twice in the history of humankind, and we are not immune from tragedies.

It’s sad, if you are identified with the representative of a certain nation or even humanity. But for the person as the front edge of evolution personified, confidently closing a failed project is a bold step in the right direction. Maybe we really need to bring down clumsy modern tower of Babel, based on shaky hiked up exhibitors, to a new building more complex and beautiful. Therefore, should as many times as necessary, so that meanings are born in people that have found a strong and confident force, viable and amazing in its functionality and spiritual depth!

Here it makes sense to see the manifestation of the next fractal emanation of the evolutionary process. In fact, all the steps that we now call the first procedure should be called… Beige order! Partly my pessimistic assessments of the future present civilization are built again on the fractal analogy—the Beige stage of human development lasted tens of thousands of years and this is a very long period of time, compared with two hundred years of the latest progress. New stages are deployed faster and faster. Beige therefore, the order of the six stages may be destroyed and reconstructed many times. Probably this will happen as long as we do not learn through every time, as there are few, but strong and wise people who sound turquoise and coral strings, to educate the younger generation so that each new chord has any natural way, and not like are now—forced or involuntary resonance with Intrusive public standards.

But if Our Strings Snapped…

Are you following me? After many iterations of the Beige order thinking, we will learn how to confidently go to the next order in which we now select the yellow, turquoise and etc. This new collection of six stages should be called the Purple order. That is what we have described above with the sound of his Yellow, Turquoise, Coral, Double-Blue, Double-Orange and Double-Green strings. For the Purple order will follow the order of the Red strings Triple-Beige, Triple-Violet, Triple-Red, etc.

What can happen on the Red order of human development? Maybe this will be the first long expansion, space expedition and/or insight into other dimensions of space-time that are literally unavailable for protein life forms. In this fractal stage of the six stages we “will win” a significant portion of the galaxy. On a Blue order of the six stages we survive the collapse and rebirth of distant colonies and combining them into one… not only the Empire, as the initial Red-Blue hallucinations, and like a Republic, which, however, also from the same film. I don’t think the script of Star Wars is even remotely able to describe the motives and behaviors of people or cyborgs, which sounds like a whole orchestra of strings of the first, second, third and fourth orders, but probably the only way we can anticipate our future, so now our intuition, while not possessing the appropriate experience and knowledge.

Maybe the Orange order will give us technology that can create and destroy stars, to treat dying the entire planet, to sow in them the seeds of life and help the evolution of the spirit to unfold in incredible forms of alien life. Green same order may have to cope with incredible gravitational scale environmental catastrophe that almost destroyed the galaxy and to prevent unbridled activities of progressors on distant planets, relying on the natural course of things.

On these events can take several tens Balyaev 5of millions of years. Promised a billion years comes up to you, if you try to imagine how it can transform humanity on a new Meta-Meta Purple-order thinking, which will come as a result of assimilation of meta-Beige order, consisting of normal Beige, Purple right, Red right, Blue right, Orange order and the Green order, each of which consists of “habitual” stages for us-strings as are described by Clare Graves.

However, there is no way to talk about it even hypothetically. Try to imagine neither I nor my inner child, a fan of sci-fi literature, which right now is incredibly comfortable with built by design. However, he’s a little afraid of the barrage of criticism is too adult, but I’m sure I can protect him. If your own internal boys and girls will want to release tangled adult imagination and experience to fill this Very Great Look and all of the above meta-rules exciting contents—welcome!


All my life, Mistress of the Universe created a world in which the laws of physics are exactly such as to create conditions for the emergence of those who would detect these laws . The Universe has done for us all it could; now it’s up to us. We understood the laws of beauty the great Music that we call evolution. We are at the beginning, we are ambitious, confident, young, talented and pretty damn disgustingly talent-less. We try to play the first chords on the new trembling strings of their souls, distorting and confusing notes. Ahead of us lies an infinite number of chances to lose and everything to gain, to die and be reborn, to burn up the volumes of the library of Alexandria and rewrite them again. I don’t know if there was any reason at my predictions from this article to come true. I even will be glad if not all of them will come true. But I am sure that the people today, it makes sense to work hard to shape their Great Look, not afraid to make mistakes, and you just read my attempt to do this.

To live and to realize the melody or cacophony of each step to attach the arm strength, courage of mind and warmth of heart in every action is our choice without a choice. We are woven into the deployment of strong and beautiful Music that glorifies the art of dance of order and chaos, spirit and matter, pleasure and pain, creation and destruction. Let’s play this with all the strings of our souls!

A person’s education, as mentioned above, it is a continual, lifelong process. Take a look around. Listen. How many different unique human tunes! Literally everyone has some ability that you do not have. But not always we hear harmonious melodies in this huge chaos. The world is rapidly uniting in one band, trying to do increasingly complicated, magical, strong Symphony. This already has all the possibilities. We and our children are destined to become unique instruments with a wide range of possibilities. Simple instruments, too, will get its own party—the world seeks a harmonious sound. But today, more than ever, we and our children have a chance to learn, to absorb, to become composers of music that glorifies the evolution of the Universe.

Music as a phenomenon has always seemed to me surprising. What is the melody? This is in most cases an abstract, but not random sequence of sounds, capable of lifting a person in subtle and profound feelings. Melody realizes the subtle movements of the soul of man and is therefore closer to what could be called pure art—create a completely new reality. Creativity always implements this principle, in—create a new based on reality or not, but unique, unique, beautiful, alive. Perhaps this is why the musical aspects of life so easily become a metaphor similarity and fractal aspects of integral philosophy. They are a direct reflection and even the implementation of each other.

What is it music? It teaches us how to live to sound uncontrived, to harmoniously integrate into the universal orchestra. It is a source, filler, by the contractor, instruments, inspiration and the result of all that we observe around us. Music inside of us and outside, it is individual and collective, it is different: gross, subtle, causal and nondual, it can be of various genres and styles. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was the first chord. Fourteen billion years ago, Big Bach asked the first tone of this grandiose Symphony, which continues to become harder and deeper. Humanity realizes, perhaps, the most complex and intricate arias—the music has become so ornate that you were able to hear herself, to create and build new worlds. All around sounds, dances, sings, creates new nuances, steps, produces increasingly sophisticated instruments. Music evolves and we with it, at the same time as its instruments, its creators, its performers and its listeners. Every person is the star of truly great singers. Man and woman, he and she are from the music, they are the sum of the previously played chord not only their ancestors, but also all animals and plants, continents and oceans, planets and stars, their rapid or long lives invested in the beauty and power of music. In addition, people are taught to hear, to dance and to play their children, so they can continue with the Symphony of the spirit, to enrich it with their unique creativity. Look around, listen. All and everything are dancing and singing for the glory of Music the Great!

About the Author

Anatoly Balyaev is the author of the Evolutionary Leadership course, a certified consultant in Spiral Dynamics Integral, the editor and one of the translators of the Russian edition of the book Spiral Dynamics. He organized two international integral online conferences in 2013 and 2015. He authored numerous essays and articles on specificities of interpersonal communication in critical and transitional stages of development. He wrote the book Everything is Connected (“Всё связано””), a collection of short stories and fairy tales. He is an entrepreneur, writer, happy husband and father.

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