1/18 – A Few Tips for Changing the World (Connect to a Greater Purpose, Facilitate Breakthroughs, Inspire Others to Think Big)

Lev Gordon

Lev Gordon

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Lev Gordon

I will say nothing new here, yet it is useful to sometimes repeat something that works, is it not?

On occasions in business or non-for-profit activities we aim to achieve goals that are new and beyond ordinary.

If you grow and evolve, you innovate, right?

And if you innovate, you always look for new ways to do things, right?

And if you want large-scale innovations you work with others. Best, you inspire and lead them to the new frontiers. Internal and external.

So, in doing so we may follow this simple rule:

Imagine. Think Big. Inspire others. Repeat.

Most of us know that powerful insights and great ideas come from the levels of consciousness beyond mundane rational thinking.

Whether you use TRIZ or de Bono’s Six Hats—all excellent tools to facilitate innovative thinking—the trick is that you first focus your attention, second, escape usual patterns and third, keep on moving through this virgin territory. During that time your rational mind gets relaxed, gaps between discursive thoughts are growing, and through those Aha! moments and most advanced solutions may appear.

Now add another point here—think big. Do not just solve tactical issues, aim for bigger picture, transformative changes. Set your vision higher.

Like, look for ways to achieve double results with half resources.

Or, set goals that are tenfold against what you would
normally allow yourself to aim for.

Greatness is not foolishness, God forbid.

I have no doubts that most of us are capable of imagining and executing tremendous changes in the world if we allow ourselves to step up in our thinking and believing.

So, imagine what you have never imagined before.

Think big and use tools for creative thinking in addressing larger problems and solving more complex issues.

And then invite your team or broader group of people who may
follow you on a great mission to join in this exciting search for solutions that turn the world upside-down.

Many people in today’s world feel encircled by the existing structures and limitations, powerless and small compared to gigantic systems already in place—governments, regulations, traditions, technologies.

Clearly, the world is waiting for you to unleash your creative powers and transform it. Much could be done. Never let doubt stop you.

Imagine. Think Big. Inspire others.


Life is short, spend it wisely. Have fun, play and enjoy the show.

About the Author

Lev Gordon is a lifelong student of human condition, communications and leadership.

He graduated with honors from St. Petersburg University of Telecommunications, received Master in European Business from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications de Bretagne, Executive MBA in Strategy and Leadership from Columbia Business School, attended executive education programs at Harvard Business School, London Business School and other leading institutions around the world.

After working for 12 years in telecommunications and financial sector on various projects with 35 countries, Lev returned to Russia where he served as president of a private university and later co-founded Association for city development and Forum of Living Cities applying principles of integral development. He is an expert with Russian Parliament, National Agency for Strategic Initiatives and Civic Chamber of Russian Federation.

Lev knows life as a big dream and learns to be in sync with its flow.

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