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Antonio Marturano, Ph.D.

Antonio Marturano

Antonio Marturano

Dr. Antonio Marturano is an adjunct professor of Business Ethics at the Sacred Heart Catholic University of Rome and Visiting Lecturer in Leadership and Communication at the LUISS University of Rome. Previously Dr. Marturano has worked at the Jepson School of Leadership, University of Richmond (first semester 2007) and at the Centre for Leadership Studies, University of Exeter (2003-2007). Antonio is a trained philosopher and his PhD is in Philosophy of Law.

Antonio has published extensively on leadership ethics and computer ethics and he is co-author of the book Leadership: the Key Concepts, Routledge, 2008 and co-editor of a special issue on Leadership Ethics in Business Ethics: A European Review, Blackwell, Vol 15, Issue 3. October 2005. He published in Italian articles for the III Report on Generating a Leading Class, Milan, IlSole 24ore (funded by Confindustria – Italian association of Industries) and AAVV Leadership, Rome: LUISS University Press (funded by Unicredit Bank).

Dr. Marturano created the first UG module/course on leadership in Europe (2005), and acquired a huge (maybe unique) knowledge about leadership UG teaching across the Atlantic. Throughout his career, he has incorporated a variety of different teaching methods. These include the use of comics, videos, films, case studies, student presentations, small surveys, literature reviews, etc. Based on experience and regular feedback from students about particular learning techniques, Dr. Marturano attempted to raise the participative role of students in lectures as well as in seminars. His interest in teaching methods other than the conventional lecture have led to a paper on the subject in European Business Forum in 2005 and has been widely discussed.

Antonio’s research on leadership is on philosophical and foundational aspects. He is interested in using tools from philosophy, anthropology and sociology to understand how the leadership phenomenon takes place. On this subject he published two articles–Antonio Marturano, Martin Wood and Jonathan Gosling, “Leadership, Propositional Attitudes and Language Games”, Philosophy of Management, Vol. 9 No. 1, 2009 and Antonio Marturano, “Understanding leadership: is it time for a linguistic turn?”, in Ciulla, J., Forsythe, D., Genovese, M. & others (eds.), Leadership at the Crossroads, Vol. 3, Leadership and the Humanities, Ed. Ciulla, J., Westport (NJ): Praeger, 2008.) in which he analysed leadership from a logic and semiotics point of view.