8/19 – Integral European Conference – IEC 2016

Dennis Wittrock

Dennis Wittrock has sent out the following appeal:

Get behind IEC 2016 – support the team! For the 2nd Integral European Conference in 2016 I ask for your help – the help of the integral community.
We need to raise funds to finance the work of our core team members for the coming 9 months. Learn more here. Together we can do it.

We have already found people who stand behind us. People like Ken Wilber, Susanne Cook-Greuter, John Dupuy, Terry Patten, Aftab Omer and Alex Howard. They have a message for you. Watch the video.

In 2014 we gathered 500 Integralists from all over Europe and the globe and made their voices be heard together. Everybody involved simply loved it! We are determined to bring you this important gathering of integral changemakers and visionaries again in 2016.

If you feel that the European Integral World should meet and grow, and are ready to support those who make it happen, we welcome your donation for this important cause. Show us your love.

IEC 2016 Integral European Conference

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