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Thierry C. Pauchant, PhD

Thierry Pauchant

Thierry Pauchant

Professor in management at HEC Montreal (a top 10 MBA programs outside the US, according to BusinessWeek), Thierry C. Pauchant has served as a manager and a consultant for organizations such as AT&T, CGI, Holiday Inns, IBM, General Electric, the Government of Quebec and Environment Canada. Author and coauthor of more than 130 publications, including 9 books, he has been invited to present his research findings at M.I.T (USA), INSEAD (France) or IIMB, Bangalore (Inde), and interviewed by the Wall Street Journal (USA), Commerce Magazine (Canada) or the La Croix newspaper (France). He holds thefirst chair in ethical management with an integral perspective. He is also consulting faculty at the Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara.

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