2/15 – 3. Superman

Tim Merry

Tim Merry

This is about the cravin’

for savin’
Wanting to control the rampant misbehavin’
Breaking the shackles of all the enslavin’

Break it down
Gather round
Cause we messin’ up the earth
Tearing up the turf
The place is our birth
Someone turn on the light
Cause we all fightin’
In the dark
Thinking we be Clark
Heaven sent
To do it our way
I got news
I just gotta say
There is a master plan
Listen if you can
Take off the stupid costume
You ain’t superman.
Let go
Tune into the deeper flow

Into the phonebox
Strip off
Even the socks
Standing naked
Remove the layers
Safety nets
Take off all the bets
Keep burrowing down
Till you hit original ground
Where all was created from
Before time ran
And history began
Before thinking stirred
Before thought occured.

It is vast
No dye is cast
No choice is made
No roles played
Beyond the clash
Bang bash
Mish mash
Of evil and good
Shouldn’t and should.
The field
Beyond right and wrong
That’s where I belong
That’s where I been all along.

From here
It is clear
No fear
Just a lashin’
of compassion.
The invisible structure to life on top
What soil is to the crop
What field is to the yield
It is tragic
We forget this magic.

Out of the box
Not even wearing socks
Naked to the core
Wounds raw
Soul sore
Ready to explore
The new Shore

About the Author

Tim Merry

Tim Merry of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia is a change leader who works locally and internationally to support change in communities, organizations and society. Participatory engagement, strategic clarity & collaborative action are the core of his practice. They work in direct response to the reality of the world we live in.

Tim designs, delivers and trains processes that are tailor made to meet the needs of all the people involved. “The complexity of the challenges we face, the speed of change and the uncertainty of our times demand we see a bigger picture that none of us could see alone. We must work together to intelligently plan and effectively execute actions that have far reaching impact.” //

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