2/15 – 1. The Mother

Tim Merry

Tim Merry

Yes to the reminder that we are just part of the universe

One verse

In a song

So long

It does not belong

To Anyone

Or any part

Though it rests in every heart

In its wholeness

The caress

Of the winds and rains of Pele

Left me

Deeply touched, moved

New grooves

Cut in my consciousness

The caress

Of a gift arriving I have always had but never known

Worlds blown

Apart and re-sown

Always connected and always alone:

Water, sky, fire, earth, stone

Mind, heart, flesh and bone.

Attunement to ancient rhythm

Indigenous wisdom

Passed on by elders


Of the generations

and all our relations

Connectors to creation.

I left with an understanding

That has landed like a branding

In my heart and brain

I can never be the same

As I fully digest

And begin to test

The belief

That without indigenous wisdom there will be no relief

The elders hold the key to leadership in these crazy global times

Hidden in the rhythm of these rhymes

The world interconnected, interdependent and sacred

If this worldview is not integrated

I fear we will not make it

There’s no hiding

From this colliding

With the need of an era

It’s never been clearer

All the wisdoms of the world must connect

We cannot protect

Or keep back

The ancient consciousness

That has been under attack

For thousands of years

My own celtic and anglo saxon tears

The ancestors left me messages

In tall standing stones

In deep underground burrows

Stories, songs, ceremony

I feel my ancestors in my integrity.

We have the key

Will we put it in the lock?

Do we dare take stock?

See humans as one flock

Of birds

Swirling in summer sky

Learning to collectively fly

Beyond boundary


Fears of sparity

What is the gift we bring?

What is the song we sing?

What is the harmony we fling

To the winds

What is the harmony we sing to the winds


Elder, CEO, Entrepreneur, baby, youth,

Under one roof

Connect to the native

The endlessly creative

Umbilical cord to the earth

Discover our worth

Our humility



We can’t fake it

We’ll only make it

If we are connected to each other

And the mother

We can’t fake it

We’ll only make it

If we are connected to each other

And the mother


About the Author

Tim Merry

Tim Merry of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia is a change leader who works locally and internationally to support change in communities, organizations and society. Participatory engagement, strategic clarity & collaborative action are the core of his practice. They work in direct response to the reality of the world we live in.

Tim designs, delivers and trains processes that are tailor made to meet the needs of all the people involved. “The complexity of the challenges we face, the speed of change and the uncertainty of our times demand we see a bigger picture that none of us could see alone. We must work together to intelligently plan and effectively execute actions that have far reaching impact.” //

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