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Susanne Cook-Greuter

Susanne Cook-Greuter

Dr. Cook-Greuter is an independent scholar, an experienced coach and consultant. She is a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, a think tank in Denver, Colorado.

At I-I, Susanne is a co-director of the Psychology Center, a facilitator at I-I seminars, and a contributor to the Integral Business Center. Ken Wilber references her theory and research in many of his works, noting especially the subtle high-end distinctions in ego development that Susanne has introduced.

Susanne coaches individuals in personal and professional resilience, self-acceptance, and consults to various organizations and projects in researching and applying developmental thinking. Susanne is an internationally known authority on adult development. She has a doctorate from Harvard University where she worked closely with Robert Kegan. Her thesis, Post-autonomous Ego Development, is recognized as a landmark study in the characteristics and assessment of highly developed and influential individuals and leaders.

She has co-authored two books with Mel Miller addressing Mature Adult Development, Creativity and Spirituality. Her dissertation, Post Autonomous Ego Development, has been published by Integral publishers.