11/27 – Final Release for This Issue

Russ Volckmann

I would like to welcome Sue L. T. McGregor, PhD, as Editor for Transdisciplinarity. Sue has published her own work in this filed in Integral Leadership Review and is co-author with me of Transversity: Transdisciplinary Approaches in Higher Education (Integral Publishers, 2011). She is a Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and is known internationally for her work in consumer economics and related topics. She continues to serve on the Integral Leadership Council for Integral Leadership Review. (see

Thanks to Mark McCaslin for his continued major contributions to the development and publication of Integral Leadership Review. We couldn’t do it without him.

We have a variety of material for you with this last update of the August-November issue of Integral Leadership Review. We hope you value this gradual release of material and that it supports your access and interest in the material that support your work and learning.

Our next issue will begin publication in January and will continue through February of 2014. It is a special issue being guest edited by Yene Assegid on Sub-Sahara Africa.

On behalf of Mark McCaslin, Jeannie Carlise, Sue McGregor and myself, have a wonderful holiday and a most generative and happy new year,

Russ Volckmann

Russ Volckmann

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