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The 3rd Coast Center for Human Emergence


Dr. Don E. Beck, Elza S. Maalouf and Said E. Dawlabani

Part 1: Spiral Dynamics Level One Training & Certification ($395): September 20-22, 2013 (Hare Krishna Center, 1320 West 34th St., Houston, TX)

We will track the history and emergence of Spiral Dynamics including the theoretical underpinnings of Clare W. Graves’ research methodology and the early applications of his seminal work. The Level 1 seminar will provide an experiential exploration of the eight value systems identified by the Spiral Dynamics bio-psycho-social model.  This is the first major paradigm of the 21st Century to offer insight in such areas as geopolitics, economics, religion, the arts, coaching and counseling, organizational design, education, health care, and other clearly identifiable manifestations of the social value systems existing in the world today.  We will also see how these living systems emerge and evolve, their healthy and unhealthy expressions demonstrated experientially by music, cartoons, and films. Participants will gain insight into the nature of conflict, change, and healing. By the end of this seminar, participants will understand why conflicts and social ills still exist in hot spots around the world after years of effort to resolve them; and how to communicate with and align people, processes and purpose in order to facilitate healthy change and social evolution through natural design. A Day-by-Day Agenda is provided in the course Manual. Each participant will receive a manual full of articles, charts of key Spiral Dynamics constructs and other information. Each will complete a full battery of research instruments, which may also be useful in their own profession.

On the third day of the program Dr. Beck and Elza Maalouf will present the Large-scale applications of Spiral Dynamics in their work in Israel and Palestine to provide attendees with real life experience of how the Spiral Dynamics framework can be applied to affect cultural change. As a part of the launch of his book MEMEnomics, Said E. Dawlabani will do a one-hour introductory presentation on MEMEnomics, the framework that is based On Beck/Graves methodologies.

Part 2: One-Day MEMEnomics Training ($145):
September 24, 2013 (Noble Energy Room, Houston Food Bank, 535 Portwall St., Houston, TX)

Hear why New York Times Bestselling author, Deepak Chopra is calling MEMEnomics “A brilliant evolutionary model that is reshaping the thinking of visionary business leaders”.  In this seminar, Said will provide attendees with a “Big Picture” view of the evolution of capitalism. Through the applications of the value-systems model, attendees will learn how our economy got to where it is today and how we go forward from here. Learn what Seventh level leadership is and how it could be applied to lead “smart regulation” and how the applications of the Seventh Code provides for a functional form of capitalism that will leave the current system behind. Elza Maalouf will speak about the applications of MEMEnomics at the organizational level and share her experience in using value-systems based metrics in training executives and empowering corporations to pursue 7th level functional forms of corporate leadership.

Registration: or email and ask for the Spiral Wizards discount code.

Hosted by 3rd Coast Center for Human Emergence, Box 31233, Houston, TX 77231


Announcing the 6th Integral Leadership in Action (ILiA) Collaborative Conference

ILiA 2013, Co-Emergence: Leading from the Edge of Possibility
September 26-29 at the Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz, CA.
At ILiA 2013, you will …
•    Experience key evolutionaries – action-oriented leaders – sharing models, strategies, and applications ripe for your use and personalization
•    Experience and practice leading from multiple perspectives
•    Experience fascinating new and seminal material regarding
◦    emotions as vital aspects of intelligence, empathy and leadership
◦    group and individual shadow work as rich, necessary and vital
◦    re-understanding evolution and its crucial interpretations for leadership
•    Muse, collaborate, percolate, resuscitate with an extraordinary, sharing community of Integral leaders
•    Reinvigorate and transform your own practices – personal and professional

We are excited and inspired by the 2013 lineup of presenters, facilitators and teachers.  Collectively, they form an impressive constellation of cutting-edge thought leaders and practitioners.  We are particularly honored to host four major keynote speakers from the “who’s who” list of integral, evolutionary thinkers and writers, each of whom will offer a significant vantage point for our exploration of co-emergence and leading from the edge of possibility.

Steve McIntosh, author of Evolution’s Purpose and Integral Consciousness will provide us with his latest and evolving work on Evolutionary Spirituality and Spiritual Leadership, and the promises they hold for our society.

Carter Phipps, author of Evolutionaries and prior editor and contributor to EnlightenNext Magazine will help us explore the ways an evolutionary understanding of consciousness and culture help us see the world with fresh eyes and innovative solutions.

Cindy Wigglesworth, organizational consultant and author of SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence, will address discernment on the part of leaders to seek “true north” based on the emerging neuroscience of empathy and compassion and the values of humility and wisdom.

Michael Dowd, author of Thank God for Evolution, will introduce us to his latest thinking on the evolution of spiritual and scientific awareness, with an emphasis on the significance of a “sacred science” worldview as a means to solving many of today’s world challenges.

We hope you’ll join us as the Steve, Carter, Cindy and Michael help us anchor our understanding and learning. To learn more about the full lineup of keynotes, sessions and special events, please visit:

I hope you can join us and an incredible gathering of integral collaborators at ILiA 2013 at the beautiful and relaxing Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz, CA. Please register now at:

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