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Notes from the Field

12/21 – Learning to be Human

John O’Neill The XXIV World Congress of Philosophy August 13- 20, 2018 – Beijing, China The World Congress of Philosophy is a global gathering of philosophers held every five years,…

Notes from the Field

12/21 – Further Integrating Integral

Kurt Johnson and David Sloan Wilson Both of us, as arguably well-positioned “mainstream” academics and also social and cultural leaders, have for some years been part of the further dissemination…

Leadership Coaching Tips

12/21 – Partnership, inside and out!

Holly Woods I am fortunate to work with many wicked smart young professionals who aspire to bring their important innovations to the market so they can change the world. These…


Bence Gánti What is the IEC? The Integral European Conferences are the prime venue today for the global integral world to meet. Held every two years on the European continent,…