Center For Human Emergence – USA (CHE-USA)


Center For Human Emergence – USA (CHE-USA)
Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) – Educational and Human Resources
In the Dr. Donald E. Beck lineage –
CHE-USA Executive Director – Tom Christensen (under construction)
1243 Jenifer, Madison, WI 53703
Ofc 608-255-4242   Skype  tomc1243

Given all of the years we have been writing and publishing about the activities of Centers for Human Emergence in places like the Netherlands, UK and Iceland, I wonder if it had occurred that there was no Center in the United States. No longer. Tom Christianson has taken the lead with Dr. Don Beck’s blessing, to create the CHE-USA.

Here are excerpts from Tom Christensen’s announcement to the SDi list:

The Center For Human Emergence – USA (CHE-USA), exists.

What I do want the widest expanse of the SDi community to know is summed up below:

  • Namaste to each of you. I am a very small reality, and a very large possibility.  You belong to a community of interest that has been aching for me to show up for some time.  I found this guy who thought he was retiring, and as he relaxed I moved in and birthed myself.  So, I’m here now.  What was it you wanted me for?  You will be providing me answers to that query, either expressly, or with your silence.  I prefer the express.
  • Be patient with me please.  I really am very small right now.  I may be a lot bigger one day but I am not in a hurry.  I’m born now, and that was the big goal.  From here on, a little bit of steady growth will suit me just fine. I carry this voice inside me, from some place I grant superb wisdom, “One brick at a time. One brick at a time. One…”   I look forward to being a quiet, evolving, enduring, contributing, and elective, presence in your life.
  • There once was a kingdom where everything worked as it should, and no one had cause to laugh.  In the neighboring kingdom often things didn’t work as they should and there were many causes for laughter.  I don’t believe there really was that first world.
  • While whimsy is as essential as air, my mission addresses the current human evolutionary cusp that is as serious as any you humans have ever faced.  You have ridden your capacities to the edge on almost all measures.  The growth of your numbers and the complexities of your relationships, constitutions, and materials, if left on their current trajectories, will kill you. No kidding.  And the perturbation that these combined excesses is causing provides equally good news.  There can be an emergence of a more inclusive and transcendent new order, out of which the current problems can be resolved.  It is to tilt the balance in favor of the later that I am here.

Thanks for being part of the basket that gives me shape.

I think this is an important event. I have often wondered why organized efforts seemed not to be taking place in the United States based on Don Beck and his colleagues’ work around the world: Elza Maalouf, Peter Merry, Bjarni Jonsson, Roberto Bonilla and their colleagues. Well, here it is. Whether we are a part of SDi or not, Tom Christensen is offering us an important opportunity to engaged in economic, social, culture change in the United States in innovative and generative ways. Thanks, Tom.

Russ Volckmann

Russ Volckmann