Felisa Joy Parris


Felisa Parris

Felisa Parris

Felisa Joy Parris is a doctoral candidate in the Interdisciplinary PhD program in Business, Education, and Leadership at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Additionally, she serves as a graduate academic advisor /administrator at Marquette University. She provides academic advising to students in the Master’s Program in the field of Leadership and Public Service, with specializations in Non- Profit, Criminal Justice Administration and Sports Leadership. She serves on numerous college and university committees. Felisa’s goal is to assist students in maximizing their academic/professional potential by serving as a faculty resource on educational advising issues. The core function of her academic roles includes the implementation of the developmental advising/counseling model for graduate students. She also serves as an adjunct instructor in the Marquette Honors program (Undergraduate Faculty) and in the College of Professional Studies (Graduate Faculty). With a solid background in Business and Leadership, Felisa has held several leadership roles in the corporate and non-profit community.

Felisa’s research interests include academic achievement gaps, business and higher education divides, educational equity and access, and first generational college students in PWIs. Prior to this role, Felisa worked as a business analyst at BMO(Bank of Montreal).
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