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In Memoriam: Robert Tannenbaum

Robert Tannenbaum died this month in Carmel, California. In addition to being a pioneer in organization and leadership development, he was a leader in recognizing the importance of the development of the consultant, as well. I believe it was at the 1984 Organization Development Network Conference that he spoke to almost a thousand assembled consultants. At a time when the focus of the field seemed to be so much on tools and methods, he reminded us all, “You are the most important tool you have.” We are all grateful for his many contributions, but mostly for his loving and generous heart.


I am grateful to the more than 593 subscribers to Integral Leadership Review. Your support means that we can move closer to a way of viewing and being in the world that is integrative, generative and supportive of our evolving integrity – learning to align our theory and our action, our values and assumptions with achieving what is important to us. Also, I am grateful to the many kindnesses, suggestions and offers of support we have received.

The mission of this e-publication is to be a practical guide to the application of an integral perspective to the challenges of leadership in business and life and to the effective relationship between executive/business coaches and their clients. My vision includes that this will be a place where others, as well as myself, can continue to develop and share ideas about Integral Leadership and integral coaching.

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Daryl S. Paulson, Ph.D., Competitive Business, Caring Busining. New York: Paraview Press, 2002. (with a Forward by Ken Wilber)

Let’s address the Forward first: Ken Wilber points out that this is one of the first integrated approaches to business to be published. “It is fresh, provocative, and daring. Although I do not necessarily agree with all the details–who does?—it is based on sound theory and research that anyone can test in the laboratory of his or her own business world.”

As Ken says, Paulson is “offering one of the very first integrated business models.” This model uses the familiar holon and holarchy. The holarchy includes four levels: team, company, industry and world environment. In his presentation there is an interesting integration of models and theories familiar to organization theorists from Mayo to Argyris to Senge.

Much of his perspective is on management and the management requirements for each level of the holarchy. For example, at the team level he applies the Hersey-Blanchard situational leadership model to address development within the quadrants of the team holon. Parallel to the telling, selling, participating and delegating stages of management behavior at the team level are the following stages of development of the team in the lower right quadrant:

  • training for effective teamwork
  • training on a systems perspective
  • participation in systems change
  • self-governance

The lower left (culture) equivalencies are:

  • anxiety reducing through team-building, encouragement
  • social belong and self-esteem within a unified team
  • establishing values
  • congruence with organizational goals.

Beyond the team there is an interesting examination of the management challenges in relation to the company, the industry and the environment. Overall, the individual levels of development (upper left quadrant) are:

  • formal operations at the team level
  • meta-systematic systems thinking at the company level
  • Paradigmatic systems of systems thinking at the industry level
  • Cross-Paradigmatic System of Systems of Systems Thinking at the environment level
Paulson’s conclusion summarizes the approach he has taken:
“…the concept of integral business is merely an integration of the best visions and practices of business, psychology, sociology, cultural studies, politics, systems-thinking, economics, and human science, and the synthesis of this knowledge into a growth bloom of possibilities for all humanity in the twenty-first century.”
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