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Harriet Rubin, “The Perfect Vision Dr. V.,” Fast Company, February 2001, 43, p. 146.”

At the Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, India, 82-year-old Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy has solved the mystery of leadership: He brings eyesight to the blind and light to the soul.”

Leaders often find that the organizations they create miss the mark of their original vision. Dr. Venkataswamy overcame crippling arthritis to become “the most admired cataract surgeon in India who has defied retirement, runs five hospitals that provide 180,000 operations a year, 70% of which are charity cases. Those who can afford it seek him out because he is world class. “He is a doctor to the eyes and a leader to the soul.”

And what has he to teach us about leadership? First, that leadership is a personal quest to achieve a heartfelt mission. It is augmented by self-knowledge and a BIG vision. AND it is about building a culture of community in which others can realize their potentials, even in achieving higher consciousness.

Second, that money is helpful, but not the primary motivation. By cutting costs while producing high quality, his self-sustaining hospitals have attracted students and doctors from around the world and become the largest single provider of eye surgery in the world. And the reward from work is what you become by doing it.

Third, attracting patients (customers) is about being market-driving, not market-driven, and making a difference.

The Challenge

This e-journal is focused on the space between two important streams of development. It is about 21st Century leadership in business. It is about the ways coaches can effectively work with leaders in business and life.

Here is the meeting place of these two important elements in the future of business and coaching. I hope you will join us, leaders and coaches, in exploring how the development of leadership can yield important results. This is a leadership opportunity.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this e-publication in a world of data overload. For leaders, collaborators, consultants, academics and coaches alike; I welcome you to some ideas and a dialogue that may benefit us all. I hope you will contact me soon with your idea, reference or article. Suggestions on improvement are welcome.
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