Leadership Coaching Tip

Russ Volckmann

Coaching for Enterprise Leadership
Executive coaching can be helpful to leaders in developing strategy. They may want to get a handle on their relationships with stakeholders and how those relationships link to business objectives. It is also important to look at relationships with other leaders and the levels of alignment and engagement they have with them in moving the business forward. Alignment is about what is important. Engagement is about how they implement what is important.
“What’s important” questions can help here, e.g.,
  • What is important about their relationship with customers, employees, investors, etc.?
  • What really matters in each of their relationships to help achieve business objectives.
  • What is important about their leadership purpose in relation to each group of stakeholders?
  • What is needed or required in those relationships?
  • What is important in their alignment with others leaders around relationships with stakeholders?
  • What do they need to effectively engage with other leaders in relating with stakeholders?

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