Leadership Coaching Tip

Russ Volckmann

Coaching a leader is very much about dealing with the questions and challenges of connectedness. On the one hand, getting at motivation for relationships with others through exploring assumptions, beliefs, values, aspirations and guiding principles leads to more effective formulation of strategy through the development and testing of alternative scenarios. To do so means looking for double and triple loop openings and inviting the client to explore them. Often this can lead to shifts in self-perception, as well as clarification of strategy and action.
I have found that this level of exploration has been one of the most highly valued aspects of coaching by my executive clients. It has led to the creation of highly successful strategies for dealing with opportunities and challenges. It has also led to expressed client satisfaction with the deepening of their appreciation of their own assumptions, values and principles. When motives are clear taking action is imbued with a greater sense of confidence and clarity.

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