Russ Volckmann

Thanks for your consistent sharing of your e-journal! I appreciate it!!

Russ, you might consider doing an article on why diversity is good business. The reality is that diversity does effect the bottom line. I personally go to businesses that represent the values that I hold, when I have a choice. Innovation, creativity and remaining on the cutting edge is enhanced with good well thought out diversity strategies. If diversity is to be truly effective one needs to have diversity integrated into the organization as threads that are weaved through a tapestry!

I can’t help but wonder how valid this info is based on the diversity of the CEO’s, 97% being male, 11% females as team members? Hmmm, doesn’t sound like diversity? How many were people of color, had a disability, hidden or not hidden, etc. That certainly could skew the findings, now couldn’t it? Sorry, but I definitely have some strong feelings about this area. We frequently give lip service to diversity and do it because we think it’s a good thing to do, when in reality, it’s just plain good business! ”

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