Russ Volckmann

First Integral Academic Program?

I came across this on the web. Anyone know who is spearheading this? I know that The Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado has been doing integral classes, but this is the first “high level” program, particularly for executives, offered by a major university that I have seen.

Executive Integral Leadership Program
Program Overview

Integral Leadership Defined
Integral Leadership focuses on both multidimensional business conditions and key facets of human growth (cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, physical, moral, and spiritual) as the most comprehensive way of developing oneself, guiding others, and building successful organizations.
Value Proposition
Your capacity for innovative thought and action will determine your potential to create sustained, exceptional value within your organization. With that in mind, Notre Dame has developed a unique, powerful program designed expressly for you and your peers at the upper echelons of private and public enterprises of all sizes.
This program weaves into customized content a powerful combination of elements, including:
  • 360-degree review process
  • Self-administered assessments
  • One-on-one leadership coaching by various experts and customized to each participant’s needs
  • Leadership assessment feedback and coaching
  • Executive health and wellness coaching
  • On-the-job coaching to ensure the transfer and sustainability of new learning and capabilities
  • Simulation
  • Action learning cases
  • Directed inquiry
  • Inquiry tools enabling participants to approach learning in a highly meaningful, personal way
  • Collaborative, web-based tools to enhance inter-session communication with colleagues
  • On-the-job application tools
This potentially life-altering experience addresses the cognitive, personal, professional, moral and spiritual influences of behavior, illuminating and moving beyond traditional approaches to leadership. Upon completion of the Certificate in Integral Leadership, participants will:
  • Apply new tools for more effective communication, collaboration, negotiations, change leadership and conflict resolution.
  • Increase their ability to make effective, values-based decisions.
  • Recognize their leadership strengths and pursue further development for themselves and others.
  • Lead their organizations more productively.
  • Develop a broader network of like-minded colleagues and resources.