Don Beck

From: Dr. Don Beck

To: The Spiral Dynamics/Integral Community

Friends, Below are the links to a 45-minute presentation on how Second Tier thinking (Yellow–Left Brain with feelings–and Turquoise–Right Brain with data) might approach the current interest in finding global, Integral solutions to the myriad of problems we face on planet Earth.

You can access the audio version of the talk and then also listen to the Q&A session if you are interested. You will need to have Microsoft’s Mediaplayer installed on your computer, a free copy of which can be downloaded from

The audio is available by simply clicking on these links:

I want to thank Mike Jay for making this recording possible. Mike came to the recent Seven Days in Dallas sequence and impressed all of us with his insights and perspectives on the nature of leadership. [Forthcoming interview for the Integral Leadership Review in October 2002-ed.]

The 12 Postulates paper I presented could well form the conceptual foundation for the upcoming Johannesburg Summit for Sustainable Development later this month, and for a practical strategy document or blueprint that could support a Global Human Rights and Responsibilities Charter. This version is based on the original Table Mountain Project we designed for South Africa in the late l980s.

You may think of The 12 Postulates paper as a Global MeshWORKS initiative, one designed to deal with big picture synergies rather than fragmented agendas. It illustrates how we can move beyond debating individual vMeme codes to thinking that reflects the Code of the Spiral itself. The upcoming European Integral Leadership Summit in London ( will focus on the Master vMemetic Code Maker, the intelligences within the Spine of the Spiral, and how we can mobilize all stakeholders and resources and focus them like laser beams on the steps and stages of human emergence–both in local projects around education, health care, law enforcement, diversity, poverty and other topics, as well as in dealing with bigger chunks and larger human groupings.

I truly believe we will be able to define with clarity and precision the core to dynamic Integral Leadership that will move the entire concept far beyond its current understanding, in both Spiral Dynamics and Wilberian Integral communities. I believe it should be possible to take a great deal of the fuzzy thinking out of the so-called “Third Way” political rhetoric and strategies and enable us to escape the “From the Left” and “From the Right” bipolarity. Our own political parties are struggling to find this new pathway.

You can find The 12 Postulates document online at Frank Visser’s World of Ken Wilber website at or at Alan Tonkin’s Alan plans to attend the upcoming Johannesburg conference since he lives in Cape Town. He has just returned from a most successful visit to the Philippines where he has been asked by that government to design a Vital Signs Monitor and other such projects around vMemetics as that society seeks to move out of so much CP-Red and low-level ER-Orange generated poverty and human suffering. Alan has been working with the Gravesian perspective and our contemporary versions for twenty years. His applications have been “at the coal face” in solving practical, real world problems. He will also make a presentation at our European Summit.

There is a significant body of knowledge and experience growing around the practical implementation of these Spiral Dynamics/Integral conceptual systems and I will continue to make it available to those truly interested in making a difference in this complex and often dangerous world of ours.