Russ Volckmann

David Gergen, “Stubborn Kind of Fellow,” COMPASS: A Journal of Leadership,” Center for Public Leadership, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Volume I, Number 1, Fall 2003.

In this article by a well-informed companion of many presidents, comes from the pen of the Director of the Center for Public Leadership. Note that the article was published in the Fall of 2003. It may be that Gergen will prove to be a most astute prognosticator. He makes the following observations about George Bush’s leadership:

  • “He has embraced a command-and-control style that sharply challenges much of today’s conventional wisdom about leadership and indeed is a marked departure from other recent presidents..
  • “Despite his unorthodox style, Bush as been far more daring in setting a national agenda–– and achieving it–– than any expert thought possible three years ago.
  • “Even as a backlash grows against him, the qualities of leadership Bush has demonstrated–– yes, the qualities of his leadership–– have attracted a following that is large, loyal, and intense.
  • “Even as it has strengthened his political base, Bush’s brand of top-down assertive leadership also runs clear, deep, and dangerous risks. Over the past year, the dangers have become ever more visible and could eventually be fatal for his presidency.”

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