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> Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D., Therapist Coach Institute

“The material in 1 Phoenix Rising is genuine and helpful. I’ve known Russ for sometime and not only can he help you with issues around failure, but if you work through this material, it will help you become more aware of a life worth living big!”

> Mike Jay, B\Coach Systems


Don Beck: “Spirit and Business in the Fast Lane”

(Part 1), Transformation

David Zweig, Sr. Editor of The World Business Academy’s website/ejournal, Transformation, introduces comments by Don Beck at the recent Global MindChange Forum in Santa Barbara, California, with a summary explanation of Spiral Dynamics. This is followed by the first part of Dr. Beck’s comments. The second part will be published in the next iteration.

After presenting his case for the importance of verticality and memes, the connection with Clare Graves work and the evolution of the idea of spiral dynamics, Beck talks about his involvement with the work of Ken Wilber and the integral association of his work with Spiral Dynamics. In referencing the levels of the spiral he comments,

“These become the evolutionary codes that shape how cultures emerge. These particular codes are not inborn to our chassis like a Calvinistic script or crop circles in your psyche. These are complex, adoptive, contextual, intelligences –calm cues that emerge only in response to life conditions. So I have life conditions– I have the awakened memetic codes–to deal with the life conditions, and then I have the issues that those codes have penetrated as carriers of the meme. So I have to look at all three of those.”

He neatly disposes of the “Green” resistance to hierarchies and adds,

“You cannot be an evolutionist or a student of human emotions without recognizing that which is true in all human forms, true in bacteria, viruses, genes, and memes: that our nature is an adaptive nature, not a predetermined nature. Spiral Dynamics represents the very first psychological theories based on how systems emerge in people. What we’re looking at here are worldview, mindsets and memetic codes in us. we’re not at a level, but the spiral exists in our heart and soul or in the Ark of a Covenant in the private closet in executive suites, or at the decision-making centers of entire cultures.”

The remainder of this portion of the presentation accounts for the growth of terrorism in Spiral terms. He points out that Western civilization has been dominated by the Orange meme; this brings it directly into conflict with Red meme dominated cultures.

“So we have had 300 years of the emerging dominance of this Orange memetic. Well, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the rest of the world is at that stage because it’s not. And that’s why so many attempts at global capitalism have done great damage, because they are imposing a memetic code that’s not indigenous. It’s exotic to the memetic vocabulary and experience and capability of people living in those zones.

Quoations Source: Copyright 2004 World Bus4iness Academy, 428 Bryant Circle, Suite 109, Ojai, CA 93023, Phone 805 640-3713 Fax 805 640-9914

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