Summary: Mark Edwards, Another Way of Putting It, My particular take on the four quadrants, holons and suchlike

Russ Volckmann

Edwards wrote this paper to provide a brief, clear guide to key points he makes in an extended presentation also available at Frank Visser’s web site It seems a number of individuals have approached him to explore this work, but not sustained contact. I have to confess that I am probably one of the poor misguided souls who has attempted to engage Mark Edwards in an exploration of his ideas about integral theory and modeling, only to seemingly disappear, not to be heard from again. I would, however, like to emphasize that – from my point of view – such disappearance has been only temporary and that it is my full intention to engage him in a conversation for Integral Leadership Review- if he is willing. In the meanwhile, this article posted on Frank Visser’s Integral World web site serves as a somewhat more accessible explanation of some of the differences that Edwards brings to integral mapping.

Edwards contrasts his approach respectfully to that of Wilber’s by positing any number of possible holons, which can be considered in relation to other holons. Furthermore, rather than four perspectives that there are really six (first, second, third persons singular and plural); each perspective is a holon with multiple quadrants.

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Mark Edwards: