Leadership Quote


“Leadership, simply put, raises our consciousness, because we cannot solve the problems and challenges we face with the same thinking that caused them. Leadership isn’t the propagation of our own ideas, constructs and theories, however complex they might be. It is the raising of consciousness—in body, mind and spirit—in self, culture and society.
“Leadership involves the ability to see beyond the tip of our own nose; see beyond the apparent; beyond our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Leading involves awareness of who is running the show; it is a continuous inquiry into the status quo or myths-of-the-given that all of us are prone to follow blindly, due to our need for belonging. Leading is to raise consciousness; how we do that is mere commentary. Ask yourself: How many leaders fit this profile, versus simply pushing the execution of their own agenda? The latter does not amount to leadership; it is called politics.” ~Christoph Schaub