Notes from the Field: A Photo Presentation of the Integral Theory Conference

Kim Smith

Kim SmithIntroduction: For many involved this conference was not only an eagerly anticipated meeting of minds, but a gathering of kindred Spirits – a family reunion – nourishing for the soul.

The Integral Theory Conference was a refreshing reminder of why we make regular travel to integral gatherings and highlights the importance of sharing how we each live and bring this to the world in our daily lives, relationships and respective field(s).

For me it was all of these things AND a relief from the Texas heat – a brief holiday from graduate studies at UT Dallas! When I’m not acting as Integral Paparazzi my days are filled with creative projects and academic studides towards a double Masters in Art and Technology, Emerging Media and Communications – and Media Psychology and Social Change! I am glad that I can share some photographs as a reminder of the gathering.

[If you see a photo of someone whose name is not there or complete, please email name, Day and picture number to russ]


Terry Patten

01 Starting out on Friday out with Terry Patten

Alain Gautier and Marilyn Fowler

02 Next onto Alain Gautier and Marilyn Fowler – on Leadership Development

Group listening

03 The group listens …It’s nice to see other lecturers listening intently (There’s Bert Parlee in the center)

Zak Stein

04 1&2 Zak Stein on Intuitions of Altitude – one of my favorite presentations

Marilyn Hamilton

05 Marilyn Hamilton on her experience of Integral Leadership – in retrospect

Integral Coaching Panel

06 Integral Coaching panel: Barrett Brown,(Terry Patten, Joanne Hunt, Bert Parlee,Cindy Lou Golin, and Jordan Luftig not pictured here) offer insights and methods in their field

Berr Parlee

07 Bert Parlee coaching

Rollie Stanich

08 A familiar site, my Gen on their laptop – Rollie Stanich works and tries not to smile


09 An aerial view of socializing after a long day

Mark Tourevski

10 Some sat outside to rest: Mark Tourevski smiles for a photo

Bill Harris

11 Bill Harris just walked up and started playing the piano …rather well, I might add. And the next thing I know I’m getting an email from him on my iPhone for my next Eckhart Tolle and Integral lesson.

Robb Smith

12 Robb Smith updates Integral Life and integral Institute

Roger Walsh

12a Roger Walsh gives and interesting talk to a Full house!


13 Evening Social time – Carter Phipps, Elizabeth DeBold and friends unwinding after a long day

David Waltman and Robb Smith

14 David Waltman from Microsoft and Robb Smith chat it up

Clint Fuhs

15 Charlie Crutchfield and Clint Fuhs

Peter Merry

Peter Merry

16 & 17 Folks from Dallas and Peter Merry

Elliott Ingersoll

18 Elliott Ingersoll poses for the camera