Leadership Cartoon: Bill Bates Update


Bill Bates

Bill Bates, University of Texas, Advertising Major. Illustrator-Air Training Command. Creator of comic strip “PING”. Artist -In-Residence for Royal Viking Line. To date has produced 23 Cruise sketchbooks, including eight World Cruises. Cartoonist for the Carmel Pine Cone since 1972. (17 of these cartoons permanently displayed in the Carmel U.S. Post Office.) His cartoons have also been regularly published in theMonterey County Herald. Bill has been published and those books are “Carmel By-The-Bates” and “San Francisco-The City By The Bates”. And, of course, Bill has been the leadership cartoonist for Integral Leadership Review.

David Loye

David LoyeA phone check with Bill’s wife Lei Lei on Thanksgiving provides this update. She seems increasingly happy with the way things are going for Bill at Barlow Respiratory Hospital in Los Angeles. He’s apparently gaining in ability to breath on his own, with continuing slow progress. No new infections, which is a good sign. At best it will be several months yet. Key decision coming up soon as to whether he can continue to stay at Barlow or be moved elsewhere for more custodial care.

Letters to Bill,cards, etc. are sure to boost his spirits and help recovery. You can write to him: Bill Bates, Barlow Respiratory Hospital, 2000 Stadium Way, Los Angeles, CA 90026. The phone number is (213) 250-4200, but it’s my understanding he still can’t talk with breathing aperatus in place.

Any emails for Bill sent to Russ Volckmann: will be forwarded to Bill.