Second Annual Reader’s Choice Award for Publications on Leadership

Russ Volckmann

david dayMichelle HarrisonCongratulations!!!

About the first of the year, the Integral Leadership Review invited readers to submit their nominations for the best publication on leadership in the year 2008. We are pleased to announce the publication identified for the Second Annual Reader’s Choice Award.

day integrative approach cover

David Day, Michelle M. Harrison, and Stanley Halpin. An Integrative Approach to Leader Development: Connecting Adult Development, Identity, and Expertise. New York: Taylor & Frances Group, Routledge (2008).

“Mindful of the fragmented approaches to developing leaders and leadership, these authors have thoughtfully integrated fields of inquiry (cognitive, social, organizational, developmental and organizational psychology, identity theory, competency/behavior) in one comprehensive, well-documented book. The authors point out that given the complexity of an interdependent system (a human organism—a person), any discussion based on one part alone cannot address the richness of the leader development process. Complexity of leadership skills and competencies (one part of the complex system), accelerating the process of their development, attending to individual differences in learning, development, and transfer, are all included in this book’s discussion. These differences in human behavior and the complexity of the interdependent system demonstrate why an overall theory for leader development has been elusive. From the beginning the authors’ approach seems integral—including and transcending the epistemologies of the fields with knowledge and theoretical perspectives.”

From Laura Santana’s review of the book.