Leading Comments: This Issue and More

Russ Volckmann

First, allow me to offer thanks to the interns who have contributed so much to the Integral Leadership Review for this and the previous four issues:Kathy E. McKenzie-Mitiku, North Carolina A & T State University; Yung-Pin Lu, Marian University; and Ryan Schoenbeck, The University of Texas at Austin. Their contributions have been of considerable value and I hope we see them in the pages of ILR in the future.

This also provides me with the opportunity to welcome three interns, all of them in their last phases of working on their PhDs, for the coming year of publication:

  • Jeannie Carlisle, Union Institute and University, Cincinnati
  • Dan Jenkins, University of South Florida, Tampa
  • Jon Zurfluh, Argosy University, Seattle

Each of these individuals brings considerable background and strengths to their roles. You will be able to read more about them on the ILR site (About IlR) in September. We are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to work with them.

We would also like to welcome Roberto Bonilla of Monterrey, Mexico and the Center for Human Emergence, Mexico and Latin America. He is our Associate Editor and Bureau Chief for Mexico. We hope he will help us build a greater preference though out Central and Latin America.

We are also excited about the publication of Peter Merry’s book, Evolutionary Leadership, and Jordan MacLeod’s New Currency. Keep an eye out for new books that we are publishing.

And this issue of Integral Leadership Review is a bit of a treasure. Note this:

➢ Beginning a dialogue on Integral Leadership with Wendelin Kupers, one of the leading scholars in the world on this topic.
➢ An interview with Rand Stagen and Brett Thomas of Stagen in Dallas, Texas, on their individual and systemic approach to Integral Leadership and business.
➢ A very special multi-media article by Jessica Roemischer on Integral Music. Don’t miss this—videos and audios!
➢ Remarkable articles by Peter H. Jones on design thinking, David Loye on Evolution, Said Dawlabani on economic policy, Mick Quinnon integral values and more!
➢ And Notes from the field with exciting integral development in UK ( Keith Rice), Mexico (Roberto Bonilla) and Germany ( Anja Schmidt).

We hope you enjoy this issue. And watch for streaming audio interviews with Annie McKee on leadership and more.

> Russ