Leading Comments: This Issue and More!

Russ Volckmann

Leadership Coaching TipIt seems to me that every issue of Integral Leadership Review is special. Okay! I am biased! And this issue has its special qualities. For one, notice that we do not have a column by any of our standard columnists. I know you will miss Keith Bellamy and Alan Tonkin, as do I, but alas we have an issue without them. The dialogue with Wendelin Kupers continues, though. And the Fresh Perspective this month is an interview with Annie McKee, co-author with Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis ofPrimal Leadership.

We do have a fascinating series of articles, though. Here are some highlights to whet your appetites. For one, there is the article by Predrag Cicovaki, “Transdisciplinarity As An Interactive Method: A Critical Reflection On The Three Pillars Of Transdisciplinarity.” Cicovaki adds a fourth pillar to transdisciplinarity: values. Heavy stuff? Well, maybe. But I think of it this way: we all have a metatheory to what is important, what causes what, what is related to what, etc. in our heads. We need to make these personal metatheories explicit. What better way than to consider our beliefs and assumptions in relation to a meta framework. That is one of the very useful things about integral theory and about transdisciplinarity. Clear your mind and rebuild!

I am also pleased to offer you an article by Mariana Bozesan about executive leaders that make a difference. This article is based on her wonderful dissertation that also deserves the attention of those interested in leadership. Otto Laske offers us more insights on change and crisis and the role of dialectical thinking. I think he is onto something important and I think you will find some very helpful perspectives here. Theo Dawson and Katie Heikkinen offer important insights into adult development and decision making in, “Identifying Within-Level Differences in Leadership Decision Making—Developmental Testing Service.” Elza Maalouf updates us on what is shaping up in the Middle East, Michael Be-Eli share a presentation on sustainability and Yene Assegid share some material from interviews she has done with African leaders.

Book reviews, Notes from the Field, Announcements and the Leadership Cartoon are here! I hope you find value and a laugh.

So that’s it for this issue. Keep an eye out for the special issue being guest edited by Albert Klamt in January—it is a special issue on Integral Leadership and German speaking cultures! Another winner!